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June 4, 2022

Klay Thompson

Golden State Warriors

Practice Day

Q. When you were looking at the tape of that game, what did you see maybe that you had not felt while you were playing it?

KLAY THOMPSON: I thought we got comfortable when we went up 15, including myself, our team, the fans. We've done it so many times, we probably just expect that we're going to win.

Then I reminded myself, the playoffs are about being uncomfortable until you complete the mission. So it was a harsh reminder, but something we all needed to go through, including myself. It's about how we respond tomorrow, which I am very excited for.

Q. You said the other night that you expect to be better in Game 2. What do you think you need to do better?

KLAY THOMPSON: I need to make more shots. I need to take more shots. I need to get more stops. I need to just be myself. Yeah, that would be one of the greatest to ever shoot it, so I'll rely on that.

Q. What did you think of the force you guys played with on defense over the course of the game?

KLAY THOMPSON: I thought it was great initially and then I thought it kind of withered as the game went on. We played about 40 great minutes, which will not get it done at this point in the season. We are going to play with desperation tomorrow, and I think that's when we are at our best.

Q. When you had a chance to go back and look at the film of that fourth quarter, obviously Boston was playing smaller, but what stood out to you in terms of the issues you guys had offensively in that quarter?

KLAY THOMPSON: Just not being decisive with our passing, our cutting, our drives, our shots. We were kind of playing timid, on our heels. That's on us to readjust and play with force. Not only defensively but offensively we must be aggressive, trust each other, hit the open man and just play that brand of Warriors basketball we are all accustomed to.

Q. What do you tell Jordan Poole after that game? He's had a lot of very good playoff games, some great ones. That one wasn't. What was the conversations like with Jordan?

KLAY THOMPSON: I just tell Jordan to relax and not be too hard on yourself. He reminds me of my younger self. You want to be great every night, but the nature of the beast, it's not like that unfortunately. There's going to be lulls and there's going to be highs, and just stay even-keeled and realize it's the war of attrition at this point in the year.

So as long as you stick to your process, great things are going to happen. He's already proved how vital he is to our team. I just remind Jordan, we all have bad games. Even the greatest to ever play have had bad games. Turn off your phone. Don't watch television, sports media because it's very reactionary. When you're at the center of the basketball universe, everyone has an opinion. That can wear you because there's so much time between games. You don't want to think about things that might weigh on your mind.

So it's about staying locked in on what you can do to be better and not paying attention to the outside noise.

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