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June 3, 2022

Sam Schroder

Niels Vink

Paris, France

Press Conference


6-2, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Congratulations. Your first Roland Garros title as a team. How happy are you?

NIELS VINK: Yeah, I'm feeling really happy. Yeah, first time Roland Garros for me. And, yeah, it's amazing to win together with Sam.

Yeah, let's hope for more.

SAM SCHRODER: Yeah, for me it was the second time. I won the first one was two years ago, I think. So first time with Niels now, which is great. I think we can complete the list this year. But, yeah, I look forward to playing many more finals together and hopefully doing well.

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English.

Q. Congratulations. It was an excellent match to watch. Some superb tennis. Now, is this the start of Dutch domination in the quad division? Both of you are going head-to-head in the singles final tomorrow, as well.

SAM SCHRODER: Yeah, I think it actually started maybe last year already. You know, we were playing so many tournaments, the final against each other, and a lot of double finals together as well.

Yeah, I think we are going to be the guys to beat the next couple years.

Q. You were very, very ruthless out on court. You just wouldn't let Heath and Mani have an inch, would you? Every single sudden death deuce, every single breakpoint you were there.

NIELS VINK: Yeah, that's right. We were really focused and, yeah, we wanted to win every point. That's not possible, but, yeah, we played good. Yeah, it was good.

Q. Niels, you have had a double date with Heath Davidson today.


Q. Went back for a second one later in the doubles. How's that been today?

NIELS VINK: Yeah, it was good, good. I like to play him. Yeah, I got a good result today. So I'm happy.

Q. Sam, your singles match against David Wagner?

SAM SCHRODER: Well, it's always interesting playing him. You know, he's kind of a player who forces you to have to, like, hit a winner on every ball you get, because you know if he gets to the ball then he's going to put it away.

Today I didn't always feel confident enough to play my shots, so he got a lot of those balls where he could finish them, and he didn't make a lot of mistakes.

Eventually, yeah, I think I found my rhythm again during the second set especially, and I was able to complete the match with a good level. So, yeah, I look forward to playing a good final tomorrow.

Q. A couple of quick questions. Obviously you played together a lot but you also play against each other a lot. How difficult is it to go from being teammates to opponents or the other way around?

NIELS VINK: Oh, yeah. Sometimes it's difficult, because today we won a Grand Slam together, and tomorrow one of us is going to win and one is going to lose.

Yeah, you have to switch your mind really fast, and, yeah, be ready to, yeah, be enemies tomorrow (smiling).

SAM SCHRODER: Yeah, no, like Niels said, it's difficult, but after a while I think we do get used to it. We were playing together today great match and we're friends on the court, and then we play tomorrow and we're enemies on the court, I guess.

So, yeah, I do look forward to see seeing what happens.

Q. Obviously sort of related to the previous question, knowing that Dylan has retired, this gives you a lot of opportunity. Do you think that between the two of you you can continue winning these doubles events and how much importance do you place on that?

SAM SCHRODER: Well, I think, you know, looking at least year and the results we have had this year, as well, I think we are the clear favorites. But when we look at the match from yesterday, it was very close match and we could have lost it definitely.

We did get a little bit lucky there, I think. So we are definitely able to get beaten. But I think we're slowly starting to find our way of playing again. After Tokyo we had a great success, and after that it's been maybe a little difficult sometimes to stay focused and to not like expect yourself to win every single match.

So I think today was a good final again, and I'm happy with the level we played. Hopefully we can keep going up in that level.

Q. You mentioned Tokyo there, but are you already thinking about Paris 2024? Is that sort of on your radar or is it just very much current season and deal with that later?

NIELS VINK: Yeah, of course it is a big goal to play at the Paralympic Games, but yeah, first this season we have four slams, other tournaments. Let's first do these tournaments and this year, and then we will see next.

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