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June 3, 2022

Lucie Havlickova

Paris, France

Press Conference


6-3, 6-7, 7-5

THE MODERATOR: Lucie, congratulations. You're in your first Grand Slam Final Junior, so can you talk about how you're feeling and a bit about the match and what you're expecting for tomorrow.

LUCIE HAVLICKOVA: Well, thank you. I'm really happy that I'm in the finals. I haven't expected, of course. The match was really hard, really tough. I was playing with other Czech girls, so, I mean, we both of course wanted to win, but we're doubles partners, so that was kind of tough for both of us.

But I started better. I won the first set 6-3. I was playing really good, aggressive.

Then the second set I was playing good, 5-4. Even though I started bad, it was 2-4, but I made it to 5-4 and match point. But on the match point she played really good shot, and then I lost the set 6-7.

The third set, 2-0, I was getting it. And then 2-5 really quick. And I started playing passive and not my game at all. But I focused and made it to 7-5. So I'm really happy that I made it and, yeah.

Q. So I think this is your third Junior Grand Slam and the other two you had first-round losses. So can you tell me what you feel you've been able to improve and why you've been able to do so well this week in Paris?

LUCIE HAVLICKOVA: Well, my first Grand Slam was Wimbledon. I mean, I was so nervous about my first Grand Slam that I wasn't even able to play.

And then the second Grand Slam, I started good in Australia, but I lost somehow even though I was leading all the match. So that was quite tough for me, the loss.

But I mean, I improved my game a lot. I'm more focused on the matches, and I don't take it that big deal that it's a Grand Slam. I'm just trying to focus on my game, not that I'm at Roland Garros.

Q. So you're much more mature, you would say?

LUCIE HAVLICKOVA: Yes, kind of. Still not the level I should be, but, yeah.

Q. If you talk about your game, the specifics of the game on the court, what do you think you've been able to improve with your coach over the last maybe year or so?

LUCIE HAVLICKOVA: I improved my backhand throughout. I have a problem with that and now it's good. So I improved my backhand.

I'm making less mistakes than I was and I'm playing faster. My serve is solid now. So I think that's what we improved the most, not that many mistakes and backhand.

Q. And what would it mean to you if you would be able to come out with a singles title?

LUCIE HAVLICKOVA: Well, it would be the most. It would be my biggest title, of course. There's no bigger one. So I would be really happy, but now I just have to focus on playing what I should be and not about winning, that's the second thing. I just have to enjoy it.

Q. You mentioned Petra Kvitova. It sounded like you're inspired by her. Are there some players, Czech players or any WTA players, that you model yourself after or that you take inspiration from?

LUCIE HAVLICKOVA: Well, there's not just one person I take inspiration from, but I like Petra a lot. I know her in like personal. We practice sometimes. So I really like her game. She's playing aggressive, which is also my game, so, yeah.

But, I mean, Barbora Krejcikova has a lot of dropshots and variability in her game, so that's something I would like to do some day. So, yeah, all of them are amazing. I mean, they're the top players.

Q. What do you think about the WTA finals here, which is between an 18-year-old and a 20-year-old, two incredible talents that are really just a couple years older than you are?

LUCIE HAVLICKOVA: I mean, it's amazing. Iga is playing now incredible. I mean, that's amazing what she's doing. Coco is just a year older than me and, wow, I have no words because they're so good and, yeah, I wish both of them luck.

Q. What can you learn from watching those players?

LUCIE HAVLICKOVA: I mean, I have to learn from them everything because they're better than me in every level. But Coco is playing fast, good serve and no mistakes at all.

And Iga is playing everything. She's playing differently than every other woman player and it's amazing, so I can learn anything from them, actually.

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