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June 3, 2022

Solana Sierra

Paris, France

Press Conference

S. SIERRA/N. Bartunkova

7-5, 6-0

THE MODERATOR: Congratulations, Solana. You're in your first final of a Junior Grand Slam. Talk about how you're feeling right now and how happy you are.

SOLANA SIERRA: Well, I'm feeling so good. I'm super happy. It's unreal to think that I'm in a final of a Grand Slam. So, yeah, I'm super happy.


Q. Congratulations. First Grand Slam final, as we were saying. How does this compare to your experience at the US Open last year where you made the semifinals? What makes this tournament maybe even more special?

SOLANA SIERRA: Yeah, well, the US Open I think it helped to me to the semifinal because in the other semifinal I was, like, really nervous and here I was a little bit less nervous and I play better.

Q. I think you're the first junior player from Argentina to reach a Grand Slam girls singles final for it's more than 20 years. How proud are you to have done something so special for your nation?

SOLANA SIERRA: Yeah, of course, super special. I'm super happy. Yeah, I'm super happy for all the work that I did and it's paying off now, so, yeah.

Q. What would it mean tomorrow? There's only one match to go now. What would it mean to be holding the trophy this time tomorrow?

SOLANA SIERRA: Yeah, it would mean a lot for me. I'm going for that. I'm ready for the finals, so, yeah, I'm so excited to play.

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