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June 3, 2022

Megan Khang

Southern Pines, North Carolina, USA

Pine Needles Lodge and Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Megan Khang, 4-under 67. Can you talk us through your round a little bit today?

MEGAN KHANG: Yeah, today was a solid day out there. Jack and I kind of stuck to the game plan. Same as yesterday, be aggressive when we can, and when there's a pin that it's a little too dangerous, we're going to try to play over to the safer side and take our putt at it.

But given that it rained last night it was obviously a little softer, so we tried to take advantage of that being in the morning as well.

Q. You put together two rounds. So far very solid position. How are you going to replicate that over the weekend?

MEGAN KHANG: We're just going to try to stick to our game plan, give ourselves chances, give ourselves fairways and greens, and when in doubt, par is never going to hurt you at a U.S. Women's Open, and just kind of keep it steady out there and not get ahead of ourselves.

Q. We talked earlier in the week about the maturation process of knowing when to be aggressive and being patient. When do you feel like you really started to turn the corner on that and get better at it?

MEGAN KHANG: Honestly, I felt like I started getting better at that at the U.S. Women's Open in Houston, because those greens were so big and there was a lot of lag putting out there, and I think that's when I was, like, okay, I'm going to have to deal with lag putting.

I'm good enough that it's not a big deal. Just kind of take advantage of it when I can because my game is there, and I just have to trust myself.

Q. Megan, you have been so close so often, and how do you put outcome out of your mind and just stay focused on process?

MEGAN KHANG: It's definitely still a work in progress. Leaderboards are out there everywhere, and at the end of the day I know that if I do my job out there and put in my best effort, scores will come, birdies will come, and results will come at the end of that.

As long as I'm trying my best to limit my mistakes and kind of put my best game out there, everything will come at the right time.

Q. Talking about the maturation process, have you become more comfortable looking at leaderboards, or do you still keep your eyes this way?

MEGAN KHANG: I have never not looked at the leaderboards. I'm so curious. Kind of have to get better about that where I shouldn't let it affect me, but I think as I've kind of grown up out here to where you can't control what everyone else is going to do, and you just have to control -- take care of what you can do yourself, and there's really not much you can do with other people.

They're going to play their good golf. You have to play your good golf. Then, we'll see what happens at the end.

Thank you.

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