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June 3, 2022

Hye-Jin Choi

Southern Pines, North Carolina, USA

Pine Needles Lodge and Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Hye-Jin Choi, 7-under 64. You've had great showings at this championship in the past. What about the United States Women's Open suits your game?

HYE-JIN CHOI: I have the chance to participate in this U.S. Women's Open when I was an amateur as well, and I was having a very good performance.

And I think that this U.S. Women's Open fits me quite well and I think the course is excellent, so I had a high expectations when I came here.

Q. You had nine birdies out there today. How were you able to attack?

HYE-JIN CHOI: I think I had a chance to do birdie yesterday, but I think my putting was much better today, and also thanks to the rain I think the green was working for me.

And so I think that's how I was able to attack birdies.

Q. How are you a different player now than when you contended at this championship as an amateur?

HYE-JIN CHOI: I think it was fairly good when I was an amateur, but once I turned to pro I think I became more sophisticated and detailed player, and I will continue to work very hard.

Q. Just looking at your record this season, you're a rookie, but you're not playing like a rookie. I think your worse finish is a T32. You've had five top tens. What was your mentality coming into your rookie year that's really helped you have a lot of success?

HYE-JIN CHOI: I think that I play one by one, and that's how I don't think about everything, so I think that helps when I play one by one.

And I have experience being a rookie in Korea, so that helped. That experience helps. I always try to enjoy as much as I can.

Q. Then just you've been in good form. Two top tens in your last two starts. What had you been working on to get prepared for what's always a challenging week here at Pine Needles?

HYE-JIN CHOI: I think some of the challenges is when I miss the green, it's very difficult to play around because the grade is rather deep, so I think that when I miss the green, I think I need to do my best to save it.

Thank you.

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