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June 3, 2022

Annika Sorenstam

Southern Pines, North Carolina, USA

Pine Needles Lodge and Golf Club

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Q. So just wrap up the week for us a little bit.

ANNIKA SORENSTAM: Obviously I'm disappointed. I knew what I had to do today. I was shooting for par or better, and coming in here I think I said I felt good about everything. Just not really sure what happened today.

It was a disappointing final round. Actually, final nine. But it's been great to be here. You know what Pine Needles means to me and my family and everybody. We made a lot of different memories in different ways.

Very warming to see the crowd and kind of just the love and support and to see Bonnie here and Peggy and their family. It's been great, and I enjoyed my pairing.

Ingrid has played really well. It's been a good week. Disappointing results, but we're still here. I think we're going to stay around for a few days. We're not going to say goodbye yet, but, yeah, it would have been fun to play the weekend.

Q. Can you just briefly say what you would imagine Ingrid felt like overnight and starting off today as an amateur especially?

ANNIKA SORENSTAM: Yeah. This is a big stage. It was probably nice that she wasn't really leading even though she was leading most of the time.

I mean, it was a terrific round yesterday and today. You know what she did today I thought was maybe not equally as impressive, but it's impressive to be able to hold it the way she did.

She has a great attitude, and I told her, I hope you are just enjoying this. I'm sure she will be in this spot a few times. Enjoy it. Trust yourself for the weekend. You have it.

Q. I know you just came off the green, but looking forward, what's next? That are your plans for golfing --

ANNIKA SORENSTAM: We are leaving for Sweden on Sunday, and I'm playing next week in the Scandinavian Mixed, so a few days of practice here. I felt ready. I really feel good about my game. It just didn't happen.

Maybe we'll turn and I'm going to compete next week, but also being the host, so it's part of a busy week heading back to Sweden, and then we have the ANNIKA Invitational, which is the following week, where I will be mentoring some of the young girls like Ingrid, little Ingrid.

So I think we have a fun summer ahead. We really do. Just looking forward to spending time with the family.

Q. Can you describe the emotions of the walk up the 18th?

ANNIKA SORENSTAM: It's like a balloon on No. 10 there. It's like putting a needle in it and it fizzles away. I really fought hard on the back even though the results don't show it. I tried through the end. It just didn't work.

Maybe it could have been a little bit more nostalgic in a way, but it was just still -- some people being here at whatever time it is, 8:00, right, to sit here with some raindrops, it shows true support, true fans, and I appreciate that.

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