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June 2, 2022

Luke List

Dublin, Ohio, USA

Muirfield Village

Press Conference

Q. Almost perfect round, almost bogey-free, but coming in 5-under, tell me about your opening round.

LUKE LIST: Got off to a steady start. Nice birdie first and that set the tone for the day. Pretty solid for the most part.

Tried not to short side myself on a few shots I felt like was in between and played pretty solid.

Q. Good note to end on a birdie, but any birdies in particular stick out on the day?

LUKE LIST: Yes, the one on 15, I felt like I had a good number going in, kind of tugged it, but I had the whole green and hit a pretty mediocre chip. So normally I felt like I would have been a little steaming after that chip to not take advantage of it, but I had a good attitude and poured it in the putt anyway. So I felt like that was just kind of a sign of the day for just a good demeanor and trying to get out of my own way there.

Q. Sixth start here, but your match and your best score here total. But since the changes, how has your game kind of matched up with this course and the difficulties?

LUKE LIST: For me if I can keep it in play off the tee and hit a lot of fairways, I think I'll be in good shape. The rain softened the greens a little bit so were able to control our wedges for the most part. Looks like we have dry the rest of the week. I expect it to get firm again on the weekend which I think helps me out.

Q. What's feeling good about your game and anything you're wanting to work going into tomorrow?

LUKE LIST: Tighten up the irons a little bit. The putters felt good in practice, nice to roll some in today. And that was an indicator if I'm going to play really well or not.

To see some putts go in early was nice. And then continue that and the one on the last hole was really special.

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