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May 31, 2022

Martina Trevisan

Paris, France

Press Conference

M. TREVISAN/L. Fernandez

6-2, 6-7, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: You are in the semifinals of a Grand Slam for the first time in your career. How happy are you?

MARTINA TREVISAN: A lot (smiling). Yes, it's incredible moment for me. Today was a very difficult match, but I did it, so I'm very happy.

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English.

Q. Leylah Fernandez was hurt today. How difficult was it for you to finish the match, to close the match? You had match point in the second set. How difficult was it to finish this match?

MARTINA TREVISAN: Yeah, there were a lot of emotions, because I was playing my quarterfinal. So, yeah, it was very difficult to close the match. I accepted the situation and I looked forward, so I'm here in the semifinals, so I did it.

Q. As your first name is Martina, how much pressure and expectation is there for you to be a great player? Why do you think you are playing such great tennis right now?

MARTINA TREVISAN: About the name, I don't know. My mom give me that name, and for sure it's for Navratilova.

I don't feel pressure for the name. I like also (smiling).

Yeah, I'm playing very well. I have a lot of matches, I played a lot of matches. I think I'm playing my best of tennis, but I think could be better. Yeah, I'm very looking forward what there is in the future.

Q. Today did you experience the highest level of pressure during your career? Do you think the semifinal will be a higher level of pressure?

MARTINA TREVISAN: For the moment, yes. For the moment, yes. But we don't know what will be in the future. But, yeah, there was a lot of tension today. But I think it's normal, because it was -- I mean, the second quarterfinal for me, but I was so close to the semifinal. So I think it's a normal to felt that emotion.

Q. I know you never played her before, but did you felt there was something weird with, I don't know, her movement? Did you felt like she was already injured?

MARTINA TREVISAN: No, not at the beginning. Maybe more on the second set. But, I mean, I tried to be focused on my play, you know, because you never know what happen in other side of the court.

Q. You have faced some tough challenges off the court and also on the court. What does the last two weeks and today's game tell us about what you are like as a person?

MARTINA TREVISAN: I mean, I think everybody has important life. I think that importance, who I am right now, you know. That I'm happy on the court. I'm doing what I love. So my past is the past, and it help me to be in the present, to be what I am right now.

Q. With the match point that you didn't convert in the second set, how did you stay firm and mentally strong going into the third? Because often when something is as tight and close as that, a player might get nervous and not play as well.

MARTINA TREVISAN: I looked around me and I was in the most important court in the world. Even I felt a lot of tension and I was so nervous because even my arms felt it, but I was happy anyway.

I accepted the situation, because, as I say, it was normal to feel the tension because I was playing for my semifinal, and I was in the match point.

So I accepted the situation and I tried to be focused on every point. That was, I think, the most important things that I did today.

Q. You play with lots of passion, and we can see that the way you play. When is that a good thing for you on the court, and when is that sometimes not such a good thing?

MARTINA TREVISAN: I like the fight. I like the adrenaline. I like the moment before I get in the court, because there was a lot of energy.

So that's all things that make you alive, you know. So I like it so much.

Q. Could you just talk about the different challenges facing Coco or Sloane, please.

MARTINA TREVISAN: I will see (smiling). I mean, they are still playing. I don't know if the match is finished. I already played with Coco two years ago here. I never play with Stephens. So first of all, they have to finish the match and then we see what we can do for play my best tennis on semifinal.

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