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August 20, 1995

Mark Knowles

Daniel Nestor


Q. Where was your previous title?

MARK: Bogota.

Q. Last year?

MARK: Yeah.

Q. You guys obviously knocked on the door a number of times this year. What was the secret today?

MARK KNOWLES: Well, I think we just played the big points well. I don't think we played exceptionally well. Neither did they. I think both teams came out of the box a little slow. We just got fortunate to break today's serve twice which is usually a tough task because he serves so well and Scott moves really well around the net, but we played the big points well. I think that is what separated us from them.

Q. If you had to choose between two guys you'd break serve, probably wouldn't expect it to be Todd?

MARK KNOWLES: We thought we probably get a better played on Scott's serve, but Scott served pretty well today. We were fortunate to get a few good breaks on Todd's serve.

Q. Are you guys going to play the Open together?


Q. Not too long ago you expressed some irritation publicly about being introduced at a tournament - I forget which one - having no mention made about you reaching Grand Slam doubles final. What steps do you think could be taken to increase visibility and recognition?

MARK KNOWLES: I just think -- I think overall, general rule, you know, I think that the general public doesn't really know the players outside of the top 10, you know, you see, you know, any reports even in singles, you know, number 30 guy beats one of the top guys, and, you know, ESPN reports a no name, and a guy ranked 30 in the world is obviously doing something right. He is playing well week-in and week-out. It is kind of the same with doubles. I think maybe a little better effort, whether it just be advertising, or even, you know, giving the doubles a little bit more air time, so people can start to relate to the people. You know, you are not going to be willing to pull for people if you don't really know who they are. It is like if you are watching another sport, you know, you cheer for the people who you can kind of relate to and feel like you have some sort of relationship with. I just -- I thought earlier this year we had just reached the finals of the Australian Open and that was, you know, only our third tournament together and that was the first time we had lost. We had won two tournaments coming in one being a smaller event and we lost to Jared Palmer and Richey Reneberg; then we played them the following week in Menphis in the semifinals; that is when I kind of voiced my opinion because for the prematch introduction, there was nothing mention about we had just played in the finals of the Australian Open. I think stuff like that will generate interest for the crowds sticking around because usually after the singles events, the crowd pretty much putters out. If they feel there is some sort of tension maybe or some sort of rivalry building up, they might stick around.

Q. I know -- I believe in Tennis Magazine there was a discussion like a doubles -- not a Tour, but doing some doubles events in maybe some smaller venues, are you familiar with that and if so, what is your feeling?

MARK KNOWLES: I find it -- it is obviously a difficult task. It is not easy to publicize the doubles players and Dan and I think we both aren't necessarily doubles players; we both are young and trying to break into the singles, but we are both from 150 in singles. We are having a lot more success in doubles, and just to, I think, little things like that might work, you know, I know it is hard because, you know, most of the fans love watching singles and can relate to Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi, but, you know, you will find some personalities in the doubles teams as well. I think that would help.

Q. Have you expressed any suggestions to the ATP Tour?

MARK KNOWLES: I haven't really talked about it. Never been approached or anything. You know, I don't really want to cause a stir or anything. Obviously the Tour is being run correctly and obviously any type of big organization is going to have a few loopholes, but I would like to sit down and discuss maybe a few things, but I haven't.

Q. Since I would say the last, maybe not the vast majoriy, but sizeable portion of the tennis paying public does play doubles as much if not more than singles. You would agree that better promotion of doubles would be helpful to promote tennis overall?

MARK KNOWLES: That is what I feel because I think at the club level, especially, you know, you speak to a lot of people who play at that level, they are like, yeah, we love doubles and they always ask you which do you prefer, and because they get a little bit more variety. You get a little bit more interaction amongst players, and whereas, singles is pretty, you know, straight forward, intense, and you don't get -- I don't think the audience can kind of relate to the player as well as in doubles.

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