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May 28, 2022

Qinwen Zheng

Paris, France

Press Conference

Q. ZHENG/A. Cornet

6-0, 3-0 [Ret.]

THE MODERATOR: Can you start by giving us some thoughts on today's match.

QINWEN ZHENG: Yes. I was start quite well in this match. Also, I'm really glad of my performance today. I did everything that I have to do. That was nice, yeah.

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English.

Q. I wanted to ask you, when you came to Paris for your first French Open, what were your expectations? Have you gone past your expectations?

QINWEN ZHENG: My expectation in French Open is just go match by match and to give everything I have on court. I always know that I have the level to do something. And let's see what's gonna happen here (smiling).

Q. How do you feel before the game with the World No. 1?

QINWEN ZHENG: Play against who?

Q. Before the game with the World No. 1, Iga Swiatek. She's your next opponent.

QINWEN ZHENG: Oh, okay. Of course she's wonderful player. Actually, I have been prepared for this match, because I really want to play against her. So I'm excited for this match.

Q. What makes you excited to play Iga? How much have you watched her play? How do you feel like your game and her game will come together on the court?

QINWEN ZHENG: I think I didn't watch a lot how she play, but I know that she's great clay court player and she has a nice game to play on clay. That will be tough match, for sure. I will give everything I have for the next match.

Q. In terms of making the second week and getting the wins that you have been able to get so far, you have said before that you felt like there was a gap between you and maybe the other 19-year-old players like Emma, Leylah, things like that. Do you feel like you have closed that gap?

QINWEN ZHENG: If you talk about the level, that I always think that the level I have, I always have. The different is the result and the ranking. Of course I see they are all in front of me. In that moment I was inside like rush. But I know what I can do and I have to be patient and to wait the moment to come, yeah.

Q. Obviously Li Na is a former champion here. I know she's been important in your life. Could you just speak a little about that and how significant she's been to you?

QINWEN ZHENG: Yeah, she's the first one in Asia who win French Open, the first Grand Slam. It's like she gave me a little dream feeling the heart that while the Asia people also can do something really good in tennis. Because the first one is always special, and especial in that moment I was really young.

So, yeah, she gave me the dream to put that I can do something big in tennis.

Q. Of course you just talk about the influence of Li Na, but also Emma Raducanu and Fernandez, and like Naomi Osaka, they all won this tournament, not this tournament but Grand Slams. Everyone is kind of like half-Japanese or half-Chinese or part Asian. Do you look at them as kind of role model? If they can win Grand Slams, I will do that or that kind of way?

QINWEN ZHENG: Well, actually, it's different. You know, Li Na was like pure Chinese, Chinese. Is different. I don't really compare to that. Yeah (smiling).

Q. There has been a lot of discussion about Peng Shuai in the last year. WTA has even suspended all tournament in China. What do you think about that and do you have any news from Peng Shuai?

QINWEN ZHENG: I don't really have information about that, so I cannot answer these questions. Yeah.

Q. You're relatively young, inexperienced at this level, not a lot of Grand Slam tournaments in your career yet, but you have not been intimidated out there at all and this stage has not been too big for you. I'm wondering, why do you think that is? What do you think for you has been the reason for being so comfortable at a Grand Slam tournament at this point in your career?

QINWEN ZHENG: I mean, to be on Grand Slam is one of my childhood dreams, so I think imagining a lot to play on a big stadium and to play here in front of everybody. So I only want to give the best when I will stay in the big stadium, and I feel just I have to give my best always on the court.

Yeah, I only feel excited to play on the big stadium. I'm happy for that.

Q. Two things. What do you like most about Paris? And also we are just getting to know you. You are a young person. Is there something you can tell us that is fun or unusual about you as a person that you can share with us?

QINWEN ZHENG: Yes. About Paris, when I was young in school, in Chinese book that a lot of book they have Eiffel Tower picture. So when I was young, for me, Eiffel Tower in Paris is like a dream place that I never think about before to play tennis. I never think about I can be there. It was really nice to be here in Paris, yes.

Q. What went through your mind when you first saw the tower?

QINWEN ZHENG: Is exactly the same like in the book (smiling). Yes. Yeah, that's my first idea. Then, like, Wow, amazing.

Q. What are you doing during your off days here in Paris? How do you spend your time, whether it's in your hotel room, take walks, go get coffee, go to the Eiffel Tower for the 80th time? What have you been doing?

QINWEN ZHENG: Actually, I don't have too much time to visit the city this year. In the free time, I mean, I watch a lot of tennis match in the room, yes. I spend time with my team, and that's all. Nothing special. Yeah.

Q. You are obviously getting more popular and more well known in China, especially this week with what you have done so far. Do you feel that at all? Do you know how much publicity you're getting back home, or have you shut it out?

QINWEN ZHENG: I don't really think on that. I try to be just focused on tennis, focus on the match. I don't really know how it is outside. I just want keep going, yeah.

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