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May 28, 2022

Bernhard Langer

Benton Harbor, Michigan, USA

Press Conference

Harbor Shores

BERNHARD LANGER: Still hit a couple fat irons which I'm going to have to iron out somehow but in Jenny felt more, you know, comfortable about my golf swing and I went for the shots and pulled them off most of the time. Putter was okay, too. Till the very last one. Overall pretty good round of golf.

JOHN DEVER: The chip-in, was that on 16?

BERNHARD LANGER: I had a feeling I might make that one and that's often how it is. Hit a bad tee shot. Had to hack it out and left my sand wedge from about 10 yards just in the right rough on the fringe and just as we say in England, I fancied that one and rolled it right in the middle.

Q. Was there a highlight?

BERNHARD LANGER: Well, there were a couple of, whatever, saves. Had a good up-and-down on 17 after I kind of hit my tee shot fat. Think I had a bad lie on the tee. And other wheeze, it went okay. Hit a beautiful 3-wood into 15 that was another highlight. Really gave myself a chance for eagle but just kept the ball in play. Hit it where I had to hit it for the most part and some of the pins, you can go at it and others, you needed to just play on the safe side.

Q. To win as many golf tournaments as you have, first you have to get yourself in position to have a chance on Sunday. How satisfying is it to wake up on Sunday with a chance to win this?

BERNHARD LANGER: It's always fun being in contention and it's always fun being in the last group because you pretty much can see and know what you've got to do. But you know, that bogey hurts a little bit. Not happy about that. As I said, I chunked my 6-iron and then I three-putted when I shouldn't have three-putted.

So I can't afford those mistakes tomorrow. I've got to play flawless golf to hopefully pull off W tomorrow.

Q. In any major, even one today where the scoring was good, how big can the par saves, 16 and 17, to keep the momentum going?

BERNHARD LANGER: They are huge. -- sometimes bogey putt, whatever it is. If you can save a shot or two, that's always big.

Q. Have you seen anything like what happened to Mike on 17, hitting the rake?

BERNHARD LANGER: I didn't know he hit the rake. It took a big bounce and looked like it hit the nobody of the bunker and kicked into the had a disorder. No, I didn't know that. That was a bad break if he hit a rake.

JOHN DEVER: How different is the golf course? It's pretty obvious but we'd love to hear it out of your mouth.

BERNHARD LANGER: The golf course was perfect. Really very good shape. Nice fairways. Fantastic greens and the weather was phenomenal as you can see. Even though the course is wet, we didn't get a lot of mud balls which is nice because it's no fun having mud balls, but we haven't had many of those the last few days, which is great. So it really is as good as can be.

Q. Weather channel had a good forecast today?

BERNHARD LANGER: I think so, yeah. We should give them some kudos, they were right for once.

Q. Nobody on this tour gets themselves in the heat of the battle on Sunday more than you. What's the role of experience tomorrow? How valuable can that be?

BERNHARD LANGER: I don't know if that's valuable or not. I think all the guys out here obviously played golf for a very long time. If you are over 50, you've been playing this game a long time and they have all won championships. I don't think there's anybody on leaderboard that hasn't won tournaments. A degree, I might have won a few more than most of the guys. Hopefully there will be another one tomorrow, we'll see.

Q. But still thrills you to be able to do that at 64?

BERNHARD LANGER: That's why I'm out here.

Q. When you're 64.

BERNHARD LANGER: Well, I am 64. Soon-to-be 65.

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