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March 20, 1999

Jim Courier


MIKI SINGH: First question.

Q. Kind of tough when you pull Pete Sampras in the second round like that?

JIM COURIER: I had my chances. Pete came up with the goods. I mean, I said yesterday sometimes it's better to catch a guy like Pete early in the tournament. For me, I know he's always going to come out and play tough. I think we have a history that he likes. He wants to keep on top. I knew it was going to be a difficult match, and it was a difficult match. It was a few points in the first set. He played a good game to break me. Second set I had some breakpoint chances, he came up with the good serves. In the tiebreaker, he just played a little cleaner than I did.

Q. Watching you hit a couple running forehand cross-courts, took us back a little bit into the early to mid 1990s.

JIM COURIER: Yeah. I feel like I'm playing well. I like the way I'm hitting the ball. I like the way I'm competing. It's like Brad, my coach said to me after the match, "Keep playing like that, you're going to win a lot of matches and do well." I've been playing like that since Memphis, actually. Keep going with that.

Q. Andre was in after his match today. He said that he had been told that George Fareed had been fired or let go.

JIM COURIER: I actually just heard that after my match as well. I don't know the veracity of that.

Q. Tom Gullikson and Furman explained it. He said, "Fired is overstating it." But he was let go because they came up with a new set of standards, and he didn't meet it. They wouldn't explain exactly how. Andre was so upset, he said he would never, ever again play Davis Cup because of that. Do you have feelings about that?

JIM COURIER: Until I know a little more about it, it would be unfair for me to comment, other than to say speaking for all the players, we loved Doc Fareed. We always had a great relationship with him. We'll definitely want an explanation if, indeed, he has been let go, as you say. As to the reasons why, he's been an integral part of our team for many years.

Q. One of Andre's complaints the last few months is players aren't consulted enough with decisions regarding the team. Do you think, if this is true, certainly seems to be true, this falls into that category?

JIM COURIER: If what you're saying is it's a new set of standards, there's been kind of an ultimatum as to what a certain standard the doctor has to have to be the team doctor, it sounds like maybe there's not much gray area for us. It sounds like a pretty cut-and-dry situation. In the future, if we get more players involved in the USTA, if we have guys who have been on Tour that are involved in those decisions, I think the current generation of players will be a lot happier with those decisions, knowing they come from players that understand the game, have been out here on the Tour, understand the trials and tribulations of playing. At the moment, it seems like there's not a whole lot of those decisions being made by former players, unfortunately. But that can change.

Q. Ever had any bad advice from Dr. Fareed?

JIM COURIER: Have I? I couldn't say one bad word about the guy. I don't think you could get anybody, on or off the record, to give anything but praise from him. It's a mystery. I'd like to find out about that.

Q. You're not playing doubles?


Q. What do you do now?

JIM COURIER: Davis Cup. Practice and go raise the flag. We'll see what happens.

Q. Do you know who's on the team?

JIM COURIER: I'm kind of waiting like everybody else. I haven't spoken to Gully, like everybody else. He'll make an announcement pretty soon.

Q. Three of the suspects here could have had better tournaments. Justin got blown away. Chris had a disappointing match. Jan-Michael got beat. Do you keep up on that, talk to them at all?

JIM COURIER: Yeah. I mean, I'm aware of how everybody's doing. It's pro tennis. Some days you win, some days you lose. I think we'll be fine when we get over there. We'll do our best.

Q. Did you watch Chris play at all since he got back?

JIM COURIER: I practiced with him in Palm Springs.

Q. Where would you say he was compared to post Canadian Open?

JIM COURIER: When we practiced together, he played unbelievable. It was as good as he's ever been. I think he must have been playing spectacularly to get to the semifinals. He beat a lot of good people last week.

Q. Fresh legs and very hyper?

JIM COURIER: That's country. When he's all healthy, that's the way he is.

Q. Did you speak Davis Cup or not?

JIM COURIER: Not specifically. I'm happy to talk about it.

Q. Did you hear about the Andre thing?

JIM COURIER: Yeah. I was just informed of that.

Q. Are you upset as well?

JIM COURIER: I don't know enough about it at the moment to make a comment other than to say I think we all loved Doc Fareed. If that is the case, we'll certainly miss him dearly. I'll want to know why and try to understand it because he's been such an integral part of our team.

Q. You wouldn't take it to the level of doing what Andre has done, saying he would never play Davis Cup again?

JIM COURIER: I wouldn't say that, no. If that's the case, I don't want to downplay the fact of how much I appreciate everything that he does for our team. I'm disappointed that he's not going to be with us from here on in. I don't understand exactly the whole scenario yet. It's hard for me to really give a fair comment.

Q. The timing of it could have been better handled, don't you think?


Q. The tie is being played in two weeks' time.

JIM COURIER: I suppose. The continuity is a very nice part of a team. Although our team changes personnel player-wise. We've had the same medical staff, trainer, massage therapist, captain now for many years. To disrupt that is not the most helpful, certainly. We'll do what we have to do.

End of FastScripts....

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