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May 27, 2022

Jil Teichmann

Paris, France

Press Conference

J. TEICHMANN/V. Azarenka

4-6, 7-5, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: That was an unbelievable battle out there. What did you tell yourself on those difficult moments? It was very up and down. How did you pull through in that match?

JIL TEICHMANN: Well, honestly I knew I was going into a battle. That's one of her best qualities of Vika is being a fighter, as am I.

I have been coming up with some great matches on clay, long matches. I knew I will have my chances. I will have to keep calm and doing my part.

Q. What is stopping you now? You finished your match an hour and a half ago. What are the memories which remain?

JIL TEICHMANN: A bit of everything, you see. Even how at the beginning when I was down one set and 3-1, I was happy. I liked the way I was playing, and I knew that if I could remain calm, I would have chances. I was feeling that I was controlling the match. I was dictating.

You know, the winners, the unforced errors were on my side. So I thought if I can do everything well, then I will manage.

What I remember is the atmosphere. The atmosphere was incredible today. I have the impression I'm at home. The crowd was here, supporting me, cheering me. They gave me energy. That was very important to stay throughout the match, which was a long match.

Q. I was in Palermo when you won the Palermo tournament. I remember you. You were really very kind. You could speak a little Italian. My question is: What does it really mean to be here? Switzerland is not Federer, it is not Bencic, and you are Teichmann, and you are a representative of your country with a great success. Is this something you expected two years ago, to have such good results, the good results you had this year? Or is it also a surprise for you?

JIL TEICHMANN: Well, I knew that I have the level to be here. I have everything that I need to be here. There is no surprise. I just had to confirm that, which is what I'm currently doing.

Before the match, we were discussing in the locker rooms, because I played with Leylah in Madrid, and these are things that happen. I'm sorry that Belinda lost. I wanted her to win, because we are good friends.

But Federer and Wawrinka is of another generation, so I know that we are not here to stay forever, but I hope that the two will be back to play at the tournaments, because they are very good for Swiss tennis and international tennis.

Q. Next opponent is Sloane Stephens. She talked about you. She said you practice a lot with her. You know one another very well, and she has nicknames for you, as well.

JIL TEICHMANN: Each time she sees me, she says, Hey, Jil-One-L.

Q. She says you are a big fighter. Can you tell us more about this? Because you know her well.

JIL TEICHMANN: Yeah, we practice together. We even played together, doubles in Strasbourg maybe last year or two years ago, I can't remember. She plays really well. She has a good forehand. She reached the finals here, I think. Yeah, yeah, finals. She has a high level.

It's going to be tough. But it's in two days. Tomorrow evening I will focus on that, that playing against her is good. It's going to be a nice match to see and an even better match to play.

Q. At the end of the first set, well, you had lost the first set, and then you had your thumb up. Who was that for? Your team? Because your tactics were not working well? Or did that mean you are going to continue and still follow your tactics?

JIL TEICHMANN: No, that was a joke, sarcastic.

Q. It was ironical.

JIL TEICHMANN: Yes, it was. Because I was a bit frustrated. I was feeling I was doing right tactics, using the right tactics, but it wouldn't -- I was frustrated.

Q. What was your tactics about?

JIL TEICHMANN: Well, Azarenka's tactics were similar to mine, and we played a good match on clay, because both of us tried to have heavy spins on our backhands and to play fast, to change rhythm and pace, and change the spin, change the directions.

Each point was very important. We served like each point, each game we had to play hard. There weren't that many unforced errors. There were long rallies, and she played exactly by the same rules. That's why we reached 7-6 in the third set.

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