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May 27, 2022

Bam Adebayo

Miami Heat

Game 6: Postgame

Heat 111, Celtics 103

Q. Simply put, Bam, in this situation, in a road game, down 3-2, what does this game say about the team overall and what does this game say about Jimmy Butler?

BAM ADEBAYO: I mean, for us, I feel like we've been missing a lot of shots this series. To be down 3-2 and come in and make big shots just speaks to the confidence we got in each other, from 1 through 15. Like I was telling everybody in the locker room, Markieff Morris was the MVP of the game, just his energy across the bench. Him, UD, Dedmon, everybody was a part of that win.

As for Jimmy Butler, I mean, the game speaks for itself.

Q. Another guy who has been battling an injury in Kyle Lowry, just his performance? What did you see that was different about him on the court?

BAM ADEBAYO: His energy. You can tell his energy was the will to win through a hamstring injury. His will to win, you could see it in his face. You could see it in his demeanor and aura. Everybody wanted this win.

Q. For you guys, seeing kind of the pain that Jimmy has battled through, seeing him in situations like this before, what does that say about him as a player, as a competitor, as a man?

BAM ADEBAYO: I mean, to go through what he went through in Game 3, we still put a game out. For him to bounce back in Game 6 and be who he is just speaks volumes of obviously he had to take himself to a deep, dark place for that.

He's the ultimate competitor and a winner. That's what he preaches to us. At the end of the day as long as it's about winning, he's in.

Q. How much motivation did you draw from the conversation the past few days with some assuming this series was over?

BAM ADEBAYO: That's the thing, there is no conversation. Everybody counted us out. Everybody thought the series was already over. I mean, that's all the motivation we needed.

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