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May 27, 2022

Caroline Masson

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Shadow Creek

Quick Quotes

Q. Here with Caroline Masson off her 2&1 victory over Minjee Lee to advance to the round of 16. Tell me, what are you most happy about? Are you happy to advance, win, or to beat the No. 1 seed?

CAROLINE MASSON: I think all of the above. I know, it's been a cool three days. Yeah, I think this golf course is really hard, so I feel like I didn't really play my best, but also I think many players probably feel that same way.

I really made the most of it and just really happy to close it out today.

Q. And that's the nature of match play, isn't it? From Europe, do you have a lot of experience in match play?

CAROLINE MASSON: Yeah, we've played a lot of match play in junior golf and amateur golf. Most of those tournaments started with stroke play and end up in match play. So obviously Solheim Cups.

So, yeah, I was just really trying to have a good attitude, not get too high, too low, and I think that helped.

I feel like in each match I kind of was up and then gave back a couple holes on the back nine. I really didn't get too upset and just tried to grind it out, and that's what I did.

Q. That certainly is what you did. So when you saw the draw and saw you were in the pod with Minjee, what kind of thoughts went through your mind there?

CAROLINE MASSON: Honestly, I was in the No. 1 group last year with Jin Young, so I feel like I have experience with that.

Obviously this format, yeah, you got to win your group so you got to probably beat the best player in the field to advance.

Yeah, I knew it was going to be tough. Minjee is a great player. She's been playing great the last -- well, years really, but the last few weeks as well.

Also it's match play, and I feel like pretty much anybody can beat anybody out here. I just trusted in my game. Feel like I been hitting it good. I was in control.

We did a good job managing this tough golf course, so I knew I had a chance and I just had to execute.

Q. How do you feel about facing 36 holes tomorrow and possibly 72 on the weekend?

CAROLINE MASSON: I'm excited. That's what I work hard for. That's what I kind of think and say with every workout and with ever run, is that eventually it's going to pay off.

So I'm ready for it. I'm excited to be in that position, and whatever tomorrow brings, I'm looking forward to it.

Q. Sophia last year said she was glad to be tired because it meant she kept winning. Is that kind of the attitude, it's worth the exhaustion to keep moving on?

CAROLINE MASSON: Absolutely. It is what it is. We know it's a tough walk, it's a hot week. I feel like it's going to be a little bit cooler tomorrow so that's nice.

Yeah, as long as you keep winning it doesn't really matter how tired you are. I got the same attitude there.

Q. Cooler means windier, too. How have you dealt with some of the elements out here, the wind, the heat?

CAROLINE MASSON: Yeah, it's not easy. It was strong winds. A lot of times you stand on the fairway you can't really feel it, so you just have to trust it's there.

Yeah, just a tough, tough day yesterday as well. You just have to make decisions and try to execute. If it doesn't work out, just deal with it. It happens. I think that was a pretty good attitude on my part and my caddie. That's what we're going to do tomorrow.

Whatever. It is what it is, right?

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