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May 27, 2022

Tiffany Chan

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Shadow Creek

Quick Quotes

Q. Here with Tiffany Chan coming off a 2-up win over Amy Olson to advance to the round of 16. Congratulations on your win?

TIFFANY CHAN: Thank you.

Q. I want to talk about hole 16. You guys tied it up right there, so I want to know if you were nervous or you were fine knowing that a tie would advance you?

TIFFANY CHAN: You know, I was actually -- you ask me that question like if I know it's going to be a tie will be fine, am I going to slow it down, which I told you I'm not going to.

I actually did try very hard today because seeding is important, but I know every girl in the field is so good, and match play anything can happen.

I started off really well. Birdied first hole and every hole was a birdie chance for me and I was playing the game plan, and then I think the heat got me a little bit today.

I think it was pretty hot and then the gust was really heavy today. More wind than yesterday. And then when it goes it 16, I made a bad decision. I argue -- I didn't argue with my caddie, but he said, why don't we take a 3-wood, but I was like, no, I'm going to be aggressive. I'm trying to win.

So it went left to a long rough and I have to hit like one off ten layup shot that I put in the middle of the fairway, and then I got the gust of win on my wedge so it went way short.

And then I miss a -- I have to say it's like a three feet, you know, to tie that hole.

So I know I got to make it back on the next hole. I know next two holes is tough so par will be a good score.

Amy hit it first. We had a good battle out there. She hit it first, went a little right, and I hit a perfect cut but the green was so went -- flew off the green a little bit, and then Amy chipped it up.

I chip it up to maybe five feet. Our ball was the same. She was a little bit further and she putt first and she missed it, so I don't have to putt it because she chip it.

So at that point I know I was 1-up and then I think, oh, then I can't lose. But 18 I was still trying, but the wind was gusting left to right so hard that I missed my drive and end up finish bogey.

But it was a good day in general other than last couple holes. Made a couple bogeys, but I think it was pretty tough out there; unavoidable. Again, it's match play, so doesn't matter now.

Q. Yeah.


Q. I see that you went up in the very beginning and you sort of retained that lead into that 16th hole, like I said. Amy obviously is a good competitor.


Q. Did that push to you play better?


Q. You felt like you were performing better because Amy was really challenging you out there?

TIFFANY CHAN: Yeah, you know, in match play, again, everyone is so good at it and doesn't matter what ranking you are, you just know every hole you have to keep trying birdie, pressing birdies.

And I was following my game plan. I could have birdie couple more, too. I miss birdie on 4, pretty short one. We both made birdie on 5th, so it was pretty good battle. And then Amy made another birdie the next hole so we kind of go back and forth.

And then the back nine the wind comes, and, you know, you just never know. Again, par will be a good score on the back nine and bogey will be like a fallback.

But, yeah, overall we did grind until the end.

Q. You did grind until the end. You played all 18 holes which you haven't played yet in this tournament.


Q. Tell me, how are you managing all of the holes you've played so far knowing that you have hopefully so many more holes ahead of you?

TIFFANY CHAN: Yeah, you know, I think the weather is going to be more windy over the weekend, and really got to know how the wind blows. It's really important on this golf course.

And when it comes to windy situation, you know, on the back nine, I think 14 or 15, when I hit it on the rough, sometimes you just got to take your medicine, put it back and layup, have a wedge back up.

So I think being able to know when to layup and when to go for it will be my key tomorrow. And don't make unnecessary mistake like I try to be too aggressive in the wind. That's the biggest lesson I learned today compared to the last couple days.

Q. So sponsor's invite; onto the weekend. I know you were very grateful to get into the tournament. Does it make you feel like the choice was justified by getting this far?

TIFFANY CHAN: I mean, I wouldn't say justified because everyone is good. Everyone who's trying to ask for a sponsor invite is good player.

It's a small field and sometimes you just need a chance to -- you just need that one chance to really try to play your best. I can be expressing how thankful I am because this is my first start of the LPGA Tour this year. I lost my card last year and been trying to play Monday.

Sometimes you just need one chance. I play all the Mondays and I got into the playoff, like two, three Mondays, and here it comes, like five months later I got this tournament.

Thankful that they trusted me. It's hard for someone to trust; I haven't been playing the whole year. I'm glad they gave me the chance and I'm playing all out. No regrets coming out here.

Q. So the fact you don't have your card, does that put extra pressure on this weekend? Win would get you your card.

TIFFANY CHAN: No, because I -- you know, again, grateful to be out here, and at the end of the day, it's just golf. It's just a game. I've been not playing well since -- I think I came off a really good finish in LA Open last year, and after that just kind of golf is just tough, going up and down.

It's been a year already that finally I can play some better golf, something that I like to see with my eyes. So that's a lot of work to come to this point after a year.

You know, at this point I just want to focus one step at a time. If I end up playing well I play well. If not, I just got to move on.

That's what me and psychologist been trying to work on. Like there is no point in thinking about the result. It is what it is.

Q. Looks like you and possibly Jenny are going to be the Las Vegas people in the round of 16. You feel like you're carrying Las Vegas's banner this weekend or just familiarity has been the key?

TIFFANY CHAN: Yeah, also familiar with the heat. You just got to know how to hydrate yourself, how to rest. The last couple days after the round I just tried to go home and relax, and if I need to practice, I come out a little early the next day instead of grinding in the heat.

It really do no good for you. But I guess if you live in Vegas you got some kind of advantage because ball was flying so far and then the wind is blowing so hard. I had friends come from Florida be like, I just can't believe I'm holding a 7-iron on a 180-yard short.

Yeah, hopefully the Vegas crew can do well this week.

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