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May 26, 2022

Spencer Dinwiddie

Dallas Mavericks

Game 5: Postgame

Q. Spencer, what have the last few months since you got here in February felt like just in terms of getting to be a part of this team and getting to see, more so from a different perspective than the guys who have been here all year, what this run really took and how that came together?

SPENCER DINWIDDIE: I mean, obviously when I got here, we were already kind of rolling, know what I mean? I said before, I'm immensely thankful to the group as a whole, from GM, owner down. I think the chemistry of this group is second to none. It reminds me a lot of the Brooklyn team, what was that, '17-' 18, '18-' 19, something like that. So it's a blessing to play meaningful basketball and fun basketball with a group of guys that genuinely like being around each other.

I've had two very distinct seasons crammed into one. You know, I've had a lot of fun here for sure.

Q. What does this mean for you guys to get this far? What does this mean to this franchise and for the city of Dallas?

SPENCER DINWIDDIE: I mean, obviously I've only been here for half a year, so I'd be lying if I said I knew the entire history, right, but I do know that the group hadn't made it out of the first round for a long time.

I think getting a taste of playing at the highest level, being in striking distance of winning a series, right, because Game 2 we gave away and obviously we could have won at home, as well, you know, it shows great signs to come. Most of the talent on this roster is under 30. Our superstar is what, 24 -- 23? Hey, man, I told you I just got here a couple months ago.

No, all signs point up, right, because you've got to be hungry in the off-season and understand we're right there but just not quite right.

Q. When you look back at Game 2, when you were up 19 and had you held on to that lead, it could have been an entirely different series?

SPENCER DINWIDDIE: Oh, for sure. For sure. Come on, they say the series doesn't start until somebody wins on the road. You tie it up 1-1, I think to a certain extent we gave away Game 3, as well, but -- remember, they're a championship team. They've done this at a high level for a long time, so we can't only talk as if we gave it away, like they went and took it, as well. This is what they do. This is why they're going back to The Finals.

But yeah, we definitely had our opportunities, had our looks, and this wasn't our year.

Q. How big after this process in the Playoffs, how big was the growth both for you and for the whole team?

SPENCER DINWIDDIE: For me, I mean, yeah, I remember this time last year, what, May, I was just starting to play basketball again. I was about four months removed from surgery and I was still about a month or so to go to get cleared to be able to play basketball.

The tale of 365 days has been a whirlwind, but in general I would say I am pretty proud of myself for the most part, right. Like this is supposed to be the hardest year of my career, right, the first year back from ACL. I would say all in all, taking that lens on it, it's been fairly successful. A little bit up and down but fairly successful.

As a unit, as a group, I think I kind of already said that. This isn't an old group at all. Most of the talent is under 30. Our superstar is 23. There's no reason we can't get better. It all depends on the mentality and the approach in the off-season.

Like I said personally, I plan on making tremendous leaps and bounds. Like being more than a year removed from my injury and stuff like that. We'll see what happens next year, if I'm fortunate enough to come back.

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