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May 26, 2022

Tiffany Chan

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Shadow Creek

Quick Quotes

Q. Here with Tiffany Chan coming off another win at Bank of Hope LPGA Match-Play presented by MGM Rewards. We talked a little yesterday about how excited you were to play with Alison Lee, a good friend of yours. Was it everything you expected it to be?

TIFFANY CHAN: We had a lot fun. I told you yesterday that we practice at the same golf course, same sponsor, we came out here the same time. You know, when we know the tee time we just kind of like upset because we don't want to face each other because we don't to face each other because then we can't advance together.

But we have fun out there. I was parring and then she made a birdie on the fourth hole, so we come back and forth, back and forth. But I end up just got more lucky, make a couple more putts drop. I mean, the condition is playing really tough out there today. Even me and Alison haven't been like playing in such condition even when we're practicing.

It's so firm, so windy. So a lot of the game plan has to change according to that. But at that time you just got to see who's luckier to make more putts, and I was lucky enough to make a little bit more putts than she did.

So, yeah, that was how it goes.

Q. Is that what you felt was going well today, your putter? I see you had a good stretch around the turn, maybe even a little before, where you just went up and never let down. What was working for you?

TIFFANY CHAN: I mean, I hit it really good, too. I came out on the first tee telling myself like fairways and greens. I have a little bit up and down back nine yesterday, but today went off the same game plan that I had, and back nine I'm just telling myself, it's only going to get firmer, more windy; fairways and greens.

We are really trying to save pars and hopefully birdie putts drop out there, so not trying to give myself too much pressure. Game plan worked again, so looking forward to tomorrow.

Q. Yeah, and speaking of the conditions, you said wind, firm greens. What about the heat? Are you holding up okay? Do you feel exhausted yet from the heat?

TIFFANY CHAN: Yeah, I'm lucky enough to live here and we experience the heat. It's not my first time. Usually this time of the year we come out either very early or very late. We never really tee off at 12:00.

I just try to keep myself under the umbrella on the course and some wet towels on my back. Man, it was so windy today that I couldn't hold my umbrella, so I think I need some rest after this today to prepare for tomorrow.

Q. Yeah, you mentioned keeping your game plan the same today as it was yesterday. What's your game plan going into tomorrow? You have two points; you're ahead of your grouping. Are you going to maybe play a little more conservatively? I don't know how Atthaya and Amy's match is shaping up yet. What do you think about that?

TIFFANY CHAN: I'm just going to keep the same plan. My main goal is to have fun out here. It's a bonus having the sponsor invite from MGM to be out here competing with the best in world, so no matter what happen tomorrow, same game plan.

Not trying to change anything. Every match is going to be tough, so I just got to keep my composure and have fun tomorrow.

Q. If the case were to arise where a tie would get you through, would that change your game plan?

TIFFANY CHAN: No. I'm not going to step off from the pedal. Obviously depends on how the weather is tomorrow. You never know if it's going to be windy or hotter. Main thing I'm just grateful to be out here.

Q. And are you one of those players who plays more aggressively in match play? Is that how you found your game to be?

TIFFANY CHAN: Yeah, I mean, I have a little mental breakdown -- not breakdown, but a little bit rough year last year, so I just don't feel confident out here, being on the main tour, losing my card. Being able to play in match play really helps, because it keep myself one shot at a time, which me and psychologist been working on for a long time, that really try to be focused on the shot ahead of myself and not trying to think too far ahead.

I think being able to play in the match play helps me the same mentality, so it's a good training for me this week, and I'm just going to learn a lesson every day.

Q. Last question: Again, about Alison, did you throw up any Trojan (indiscernible) while you were out on the course?

TIFFANY CHAN: No. We're kind of like just same old, talking stories. We just hanging out talking about her dog. You know, just I just make some bombs out there, she make some bombs, too.

Kind of like feel bad. She's playing well, too, but out there you really just try to make some putts. So I think we don't feel bad for each other, but it was a good battle.

At the end of the day we're still going to hang out, have dinner, eat again. So all we doing is eating, so that's all we going to do.

Q. Any good restaurants we should check out while we're here?

TIFFANY CHAN: Oh, yeah. I'm not going to praise my sponsor, but the MGM hotel restaurant is one of the best. Like Yellowtail, Morimoto, Carbone is all our favorites. Like we all hang out there all the time after playing Shadow and then just go straight to the strip.

So that's some good restaurant you can try.

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