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May 26, 2022

Carlota Ciganda

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Shadow Creek

Quick Quotes

Q. Here with Carlota Ciganda just coming off a 3&1 victory at the Bank of Hope LPGA Match-Play presented by MGM Rewards. Tell me, what were you finding was working really well in your game today?

CARLOTA CIGANDA: I mean, I been playing solid yesterday and today. I think you have to be very patient out there. I think it's tricky course. Usually when you think about match play you think about birdies, and I think this course requires patience, hit good shots, and you can win some holes with pars.

And it was a little windy. Like yesterday there was no wind; the ball flies a lot. I mean, we hit good shots. It wasn't easy. I was you 2-up but then I went 1-down and then played really good the back nine and managed to win a couple holes to win on 17.

Q. I see at one point you guys were tied, I think around 12. Did that make you nervous at all? What did you do to bounce back?

CARLOTA CIGANDA: No, I tried to stay patient and confident. I mean, I'm playing good, so just trying to hit good shots and giving myself birdie opportunities. I miss a couple putts in the front that I should have made, but it happens in match play.

Then, yeah, made a great birdie on I think it's 13, the par-3; won that hole.

I won 15, so I was 2-up, three holes to play.

Really good par save on 16, the par-5.

And then, yeah, tied 17, so, yeah, very happy.

Q. Coming from Spain, you have a lot of match play experience I assume. Do you feel like you have been more aggressive out here because you have that match play experience, or as you were saying, were you being a little more conservative?

CARLOTA CIGANDA: Yeah, I love match play. It feels like a Sunday every day, so I really like that. As an amateur I play a lot of match play back home in Spain and, yeah, lots of tournaments, amateur, and the European Team Championship with Spain.

When you turn pro you don't play as many match plays, but I think it's nice to play a few. I love Solheim Cup. It's my favorite tournament. I love competing.

So I do enjoy match play. It's a fun event and I'm excited for the rest of the week.

Q. I know you're just coming off the course so you maybe haven't seen the scorecard yet, but Ayaka just finished her match with a win. She has 1.5 points and you have 2 now.


Q. So it's must-win for her and you could win or tie. Does that change your game plan at all? What's the strategy?

CARLOTA CIGANDA: Yeah, I want to try to play my game tomorrow, my plan, try to win. Yeah, I think we have a good strategy for this course. I know she's a great player so I'm sure it'll be a tough match.

Yeah, just keep playing, doing what we are doing, and I think I'll be fine.

Q. Do you have the weekend on your mind at all or just sort of one match at a time?

CARLOTA CIGANDA: I like to go one day at a time. To get to the weekend you need to win tomorrow first, so I don't want to get too ahead of myself.

I just want to rest today, have a nice dinner, relax, and then tomorrow is another day. Try to win the day and then we'll see what happens on the weekend.

Q. I'm not sure if you heard yet, but Michelle Wie announced her retirement today. I know you have at least one, maybe two some battles in Solheim Cup. Wondering what your thoughts are on Michelle and what she's meant to the game.

CARLOTA CIGANDA: I mean, she's been a great role model, Michelle Wie, and an amazing career winning the U.S. Open, win a few tournaments, Solheim Cups.

I mean, great person. I think maybe being a mom change her perspective in life and goals, so I'm sure she has a lot of projects and things to do.

And I'm sure she just enjoys playing more social golf and maybe just more for fun, so you just have to respect whatever you feel. You just have to do whatever you feel and whatever it's right for you.

So I'm happy for her. I think she's playing next week, so I'll be happy to see her and wish her all the best always.

Q. Going to bring up a tough subject for you. Do you feel like you're getting a little revenge out here this week considering what happened last year with the brutally bad ruling?

CARLOTA CIGANDA: No, not really. I'm just trying to play my game. What happened just happened. Yeah, it was tough at the moment. I think you just learn, and, yeah, try to take all the positives, although at that time I didn't think there were many.

You just have to keep going. The good thing about golf is you have always next week. I'm enjoying this week here. I love playing match play. I think it's a great golf course and I'm excited for tomorrow.

Q. When you're on 9, which was 18 last year where it happened, any thoughts come back in your mind?

CARLOTA CIGANDA: No, not really. I mean, to be honest, I think I have a pretty short memory. I just try to -- I mean, what happened, it happened. There is nothing I can do. I do think I need to be a little quicker so I think that will help.

Just, yeah, be a little quicker and experience I have no problem with the referees.

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