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May 26, 2022

Bob Estes

Benton Harbor, Michigan, USA

Press Conference

Harbor Shores

JOHN DEVER: Welcome back to the 2022 KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship at Harbor Shores. Joined by Bob he is testifies who just finished off a terrific 7-under par 64. Bob, we'll talk about seven birdies here in a moment but it's a clean scorecard. There's not a bogey to be had, no blemishes. That's got to make you quite pleased?

BOB ESTES: No, I love a clean card. I made some good saves on both sides. I think I made four good up-and-downs from just off the edge but four good saves on the back nine which is my first nine holes and a couple of good saves on the front nine also to keep it clean.

Q. Maybe you could tell us about the ninth hole, which is when you tied Steven elder for the lead. You birdied your final hole there?

BOB ESTES: I hit a pretty good drive. Got it down there far enough where I could maybe get to the front of the green and I had a 5-wood that I hit just a little bit thin and low off of the downslope and it came up just short of the green. Little chip-and-run with a pitching wedge and pitched it up there, you know, within a foot and tapped in for birdie.

JOHN DEVER: What was the best part of your game today?

BOB ESTES: I've always been a pretty good iron play but I started driving it better on Tuesday even before the Pro-Am round in the afternoon and made a little adjustment to my setup and started hitting the driver, 3-wood and the 5-wood in particular, straighter. And so that's been, you know, putting me in good position for the most part. Take advantage of my iron game, which I'm usually pretty good at.

JOHN DEVER: So you must have some decent symmetry with this golf course because it is a second-shot golf course, you've got to hit certain sections the greens. It would seem this golf course matches up to your talents. Is that your assessment?

BOB ESTES: Well, you still have to drive it fairly well. Some fairways are wider than others but you still have to be playing from the fairway for the most part to be able to spin it to hit those tiers, but yeah, it's a good course for me.

Q. I heard earlier in the week you were dealing with some allergy issues, did it subside a little bit?

BOB ESTES: Got weaker as the round went on. I've been allergy sick for about three weeks now and I'm still feeling it in my head and my nose a lot. I've been through a lot of boxes of Kleenex the last three weeks.

JOHN DEVER: You fiddled around with a ten-finger group a few times. Is that anything you're utilizing now? Have you been off it for a while.

BOB ESTES: For the most part I've been using interlock grip. I might have messed around with it trying to recapture old glory days. I might have messed around with it a few times but I never could quite get it to work quite right. But anyway, for the most part I'm using an interlock grip since at least 2006.

JOHN DEVER: We appreciate you stopping in and make something time for us.

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