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May 25, 2022

Tiffany Chan

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Shadow Creek

Quick Quotes

Q. Here with Tiffany Chan after her first round at Bank of Hope LPGA Match-Play presented by MGM Rewards. You just finished 3&2, won your first match of the tournament. Tell me, how did you find your golf game today and what was going really well for you out there.

TIFFANY CHAN: You know, before the round started I know it's going to be a hot day, so main thing is to be hydrated so I can last the 18 hole.

Yeah, the round go really smooth. I prepare myself pretty well before the tournament, you know, today.

I got the sponsor invite to play this week, which I really appreciate it, so being able to tee it up on the first tee, is it just a gift for me.

Like I just tried to enjoy the round. I played like how I used to practice. Little nerves on the first hole, but I end up -- managed to get better on the back nine and the front nine.

So being able to win the match today, I was really pleased and happy about how I did today.

Q. Yeah, at one point I saw you were 6-up over your opponent. What was going really well for you specifically?

TIFFANY CHAN: You know, I know this course enough because MGM let us practice out here, so I really appreciate the chance that they let us do it. Like you really got to know where to finish the ball; how to approach to the green is super important. So today I think I fire four birdies on the front nine -- I birdie 11, too, I forgot.

But it just went the same game plan that I had and I managed to make some putts, hit some really close ones to get me, so hopefully I can carry the momentum to the next couple days.

Q. How familiar are you with the match play format and how do you enjoy match play specifically?

TIFFANY CHAN: So I was talking to friends and my caddie last couple days. I always enjoy match play growing up. Actually not growing up, but playing USGA events, they go like top 64 to the match play for U.S. Am, and then I play for USC we play match play in my last two years of college.

Actually I really love it. I think my record for college was pretty good for match play, so I just be excited after six, seven years that I can play the match play again.

That's why I was having a lot of fun out there.

Q. Yeah, and teeing it up with Atthaya as well, who has been playing really well lately.


Q. Really good rookie. How did you enjoy playing against her?

TIFFANY CHAN: Yeah, I play with Atthaya during Q-School last year when she first got on to the final Q-School. Obviously I know her name for a long time. I play in Thailand growing up as a kid, amateur events. So knowing her name, knowing how good a player she is, winning Kia, you know, today I just tried to really play my best.

You know second seed or first seed, but we had a pretty good battle out there and I really appreciate the game of her today. We hug it out and just try to carry on the next couple days.

Q. So you weren't intimidated at all? What was it like before you...

TIFFANY CHAN: You know, I was intimidated. You know, like she's obviously younger than me, but a great player. You know, today I just tried get out and learn the game, watch how she play and how I can match it up.

I'm still going to keep the same focus the next couple days because everyone is strong out here.

Q. So as a sponsor's invite, first-round match you're going to get one of the top two players against you. Is that intimidating at all?

TIFFANY CHAN: Yeah, as I mentioned, I played with her before and she is a great player; just won Kia, again. Being able to play with her, I'm just trying to really keep my composure out there, play my best, since she's like the best seed in the field.

It's intimidating, but if I can play my game I can match up with her, and it ended up we have a good battle out there. You know, the next couple days it's not going to be any easier because all the girls are good out here, so you just kind of keep the composure and hopefully I can make some putts again tomorrow.

Q. Curious about your relationship with Las Vegas. Are you a resident here?

TIFFANY CHAN: Yeah. I've been here for two years. I live away from here 30 minutes drive. I'm really thankful for the opportunity MGM given me, because they give the invite spot to me, and also golf course, Shadow Creek, Monty and Lance give me the chance to practice out here.

When I'm in town I try to get out here, spend eight, ten hours out here. You just love the environment. If you've seen the back practice it's like a paradise for golfers here.

Q. Alison said you guys play a lot of practice rounds.


Q. You've become friends.


Q. Southern Highlands, is that your home course?

TIFFANY CHAN: Yeah, so me and Alison is good friends. I've known her since college and we now live together in Vegas. We're like a mile away from each other. We practice out here, practice at Southern Highlands.

Speaking of her, she helps me a lot, too. She turned pro earlier than I am. I'm a little older, but she turned pro earlier than I am, and I have a little down on my golf career last year and she had been through it, so I tried to ask her a lot of questions and she's super helpful to me.

I'm really thankful to have her living here and teaching me. We were kind of sad that we saw the tee time that we're going to play together tomorrow. Then we kind of like advance together.

But as I said, I'm just thankful to be out here enjoying. Whatever happen next couple days, it is what it is.

Q. How did you end up in Las Vegas?

TIFFANY CHAN: Oh, my rookie year is 2018, and I met Jenny Shin. She's one of my good friends and she was in Vegas back then and she just asked me, do you want to come live with me? I just pick Las Vegas, and here I am for two years.

Q. Were you a roommate of hers, living with her?

TIFFANY CHAN: Not anymore, but we been roommate together for two years. We still live really close to each other. You know, whoever I met on tour I'm just really thankful because I really love Vegas here.

Q. You mentioned Alison being a good friend of yours. Also tomorrow she's your competitor. Tell me, what is your strategy for playing against someone like her?

TIFFANY CHAN: You know, we play so much together. We play like -- we have so many players, guys and girls in Vegas. We play match play all the time, like dinner game all the time.

It will be a funny match tomorrow because we are friends but also opponents. I'm sure she and I will try our best, but whatever results happen tomorrow, we're just going to live with it. I think it will be one of the match that we're going to have fun out there tomorrow.

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