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May 24, 2022

Moses Moody

Golden State Warriors

Game 4: Postgame

Mavericks 119, Warriors 109

Q. Moses, when did it feel like you guys were making headway in the fourth quarter, or did it even feel like that at all?

MOSES MOODY: Yeah, I mean, it did. Our job was to get out there, keep playing the game and tried to fight back and that's what I did. Get it close enough and in striking distance.

Q. Those corner threes that you made, and JK hit another one, why do you think you have such a good rhythm against this team?

MOSES MOODY: I mean, I wouldn't say it's necessarily just against this team. It's just an opportunity to be out there. So when I'm on the floor, I feel like things can happen like that.

Q. What was the message from some of the veterans on the bench when you were rallying back like that?

MOSES MOODY: Just keep going. I guess they saw -- they saw where it was going and what could have been. Obviously once we were in striking distance, then you know, anything can happen. In those last couple minutes of the game, you knock down two threes, you're down 10 and now you're down four. It's just playing basketball till the end.

Felt like it was good, even though we didn't come out with the win, those guys had to play for the rest of the game. They didn't get to take a break. They didn't take any time off. We got to go back to San Francisco and play them again, and they didn't get a break in the second half. They had to play all 40 minutes.

Q. How much of these minutes you've been getting, being in rotation, how much is it helping you develop a comfort? Does it feel better than it did maybe when you first got out there or more comfortable?

MOSES MOODY: Yeah, that's probably been the biggest thing is getting out there, getting my rhythm, feeling comfortable, getting used to the guys. I mean, like all season kind of, but been trying to all season. But this time it really good in the playoffs to have an opportunity to really establish that.

Q. You and Jonathan are two 19-year-olds who combined for 18 points in the fourth quarter. How exciting is that that you two are kind of finding your rhythm, being so young, and playing on such a big stage as the Western Conference Finals and having that success?

MOSES MOODY: Yeah, it was good to get out there with JK, too, just get out there, find a rhythm. Try to figure some things out and just battle back and play. It was fun. We wanted to come out with the win. We wanted to get it close enough to do so, but it didn't turn out the way we wanted.

Q. How big has Leandro been for your development this season, a guy who played at a high level? I know he shares a lot of stories from his playing days. How big has he been?

MOSES MOODY: Gigantic. He's been in the game, I can take a lot from him, how fast, how he plays downhill and he attacks angles, transition defense, on-ball defense. So that's just the mental things I can pick his brain and talk to him about.

But even more than that he's out there playing with us in pick-up and -- on the pick-up, usually when you're not in the rotation playing, then you play in a lot of pick-up, three-on-three, five-on-five on the off days, and that's where I've been for most of the year. So he's been great, being able to compete in times like that.

Hilton Armstrong, too, guys just in there, Mikey, competing with us and behind the scenes, and getting us better and getting us prepared for opportunities like this.

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