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May 18, 2001

Albert Costa


ATP: Questions, please.

Q. Albert, can you take us through that first matchpoint which was quite an unusual one.

ALBERT COSTA: Well, I tried to hit the ball the best I can and I made the mistakes. I choose -- I made a bad choice and I made down-the-line and it goes -- just a bad choice.

Q. Were you surprised that he actually put the ball up so easily on that particular moment? Were you expecting something different or what?

ALBERT COSTA: No, I had didn't expect anything. I was just playing and playing my game and it was working very good so just waiting to finish the match, but he made this stop -- his drop shot and I was a little surprised and I made a bad choice. But sometimes it is difficult to finish a match. Today it was a little bit.

Q. When was the last time you felt so strong on a tennis court?

ALBERT COSTA: Well, I think last year in Paris, in indoor Paris, or in Davis Cup I was feeling pretty good also. But during this year I didn't feel like this before because I was not playing -- I was playing matches, but not with too much confidence and always with so many doubts. In this tournament I am feeling stronger than before.

Q. Is there a reason why it is coming now?

ALBERT COSTA: I keep practicing all the time, keep fighting, keep trying, so at the end, if you believe a little bit at the end you go.

Q. It is only natural that you had other things to worry about or think about in the last month or so. Did you think that might have had some bearing say for disappointing result in Monte Carlo?

ALBERT COSTA: Yeah, I had disappointing results, but I was just trying, so I played two times with Tim Henman in clay where I am favorite, but he beat me and what can I do. Then I lost against Ferrero in Barcelona so I am just trying and here was the result. You always are trying to search the result and now I am having the results.

Q. It looked from the first minute out there, in this match today, that you were feeling confident again and totally in control. Did you get that impression?

ALBERT COSTA: Yeah, I have that feeling inside of me because I was convinced that the way I have to play. I know the way I have to play and just wait; if he plays like unbelievable every point I cannot do anything more. So I have to play my game and if I play my game, normally I have to stay calm and try to hit every time good, the ball.

Q. What are you the most happy about in your game?

ALBERT COSTA: Well, I think because I am feeling strong on the court. I am feeling fit, you know, very fast and that is -- I am feeling good about that. I was working a lot in physical training, so now I am good. I used to have a good backhand, good forehand, but when I am fit I think my game improves a lot.

Q. You were doing a lot of sprints in the final stages of your warmup this morning. Is that common for you now?

ALBERT COSTA: No, it is just -- we were just warming up and we made this at the end for be a little bit more 'aggressive,' I don't know how you say exactly word in English, but with --

Q. And it worked; didn't it?

ALBERT COSTA: Yeah, it worked good. Sometimes it is not. And today it works.

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