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May 23, 2022

Robert Williams

Boston Celtics

Game 4: Postgame

Celtics 102, Heat 82

Q. How did it feel just to be out there, and how did your knee feel after playing 20 minutes?

ROBERT WILLIAMS: Obviously a great feeling being out there, being back with my guys. The knee felt great, feels good. Obviously just take a look at it tomorrow and see how it's feeling recovery-wise.

Q. Can you explain what's been going on with the knee? Where is the pain? What's been happening?

ROBERT WILLIAMS: Yeah, it's just swelling a little bit, stiffening up on me a little. Taking it day by day, spending a lot of time with the trainers, obviously, throwing a lot of scenarios at it, see how it responds.

Q. Do you feel like you're going to be able to play in the next game or is it just wait and see?

ROBERT WILLIAMS: Like I said, we usually just wait until the next day to see if it's swelling or anything. Like I said, though, coming out of this game, no doubts in my head. I feel good for it.

Q. Does the travel affect it at all? It seems like coming off of plane rides --

ROBERT WILLIAMS: I don't know. It might. But like I said, we'll keep doing everything we can to make sure I get out there.

Q. What determines it for you? Is it just a pain tolerance thing or is it what you're able to do on it?

ROBERT WILLIAMS: Not necessarily the pain tolerance because once you have an injury, it's rare that you feel no pain. It's just reading if I'm limited to doing certain things. I don't want to have a lot of limitations when I'm out there.

Q. Obviously you back is a big difference, but why were you guys able to get off to that start that you did tonight?

ROBERT WILLIAMS: Obviously because we lost last game. I feel like that's how our team is. We need to work on being better in that aspect. We shouldn't have to get punched in the mouth to respond. That's just my opinion.

But proud of my guys, how we did, how we did respond. Obviously missing Smart. Keep saying shout-out to D White again. I feel like his energy at the beginning of the game, he set the tone for a lot of us.

Q. What made the difference on the boards? It was drastically different, as well.

ROBERT WILLIAMS: Just upping the effort and everything. We felt like last game they destroyed us obviously on the boards, so we just wanted to build up the effort all around.

Q. What was your mindset as a team defensively coming into this one, and what did you like that you guys did so well defensively, especially in that first quarter?

ROBERT WILLIAMS: Covering for each other, being in our spots, being where we were supposed to be. Last game, even though I didn't play, I noticed the slip-ups that we had on the defensive end, and that's where we hang our hat at.

As far as energy-wise, the loss played a big part of the energy going into this game, but being without Smart offensively and defensively is tough on us. Going back to the shout-out to D White, I felt like he took that challenge.

Q. In this game what did you guys do right to eliminate the paint, especially in the first half where the Heat were held to three shots right around the rim and you guys were really eliminating that area?

ROBERT WILLIAMS: Just going back to the last question, being where we were supposed to be, when we were supposed to be there, not reacting late, trying to slide over late. Sticking to the defensive plan and holding each other accountable, being able to take criticism, keep pushing.

Q. Against Milwaukee the Celtics didn't really lob it to you very often. In this series, what is it about the way Miami defends, whether it's Lowry or the guards under the rim or the way they play zone that allows you to be a weapon that way?

ROBERT WILLIAMS: Just taking advantage of mismatches. You might have one on the wing, you might have one on the block. It's just, when they're giving us reads, you've got to make the right play. I don't necessarily think it's something the team is doing different. It's just you can never take everything away. So when they give you the read, make yourself a play.

Q. You mentioned Derrick, at shootaround he was really talking about getting aggressive. He said that's what he wanted to do, coaches were talking to him, you guys were talking to him. What have you been able to him to get him out of the funk that he's been in?

ROBERT WILLIAMS: You know, just letting him know that he can be comfortable with us, most of all. Letting him know he's welcome. I tried to do that since the day he got here. It's hard especially middle of the season coming to a team. You see guys laughing, joking, playing; you're the new guy.

So I just try to let him know we're thankful for him. Welcome to this brotherhood. Speak up when you see something. Don't be scared. And like I said, I feel like he set the tone for us defensively early in the game.

Q. What kind of things do you have to do to make a guy feel comfortable? Is it just talking to him? What goes into that?

ROBERT WILLIAMS: Man, it's just reaching out. Everybody needs a shoulder to lean on sometimes, so it's just reaching out as much as possible. I might just ask him what he had for breakfast, stuff like that.

Q. Speaking of Derrick, did you know he was going to name his son Hendrix, as well?

ROBERT WILLIAMS: Yeah, so that's the first thing he told me when he seen me. He just kind of walked up to me like, hey, bro, I'm sorry, but you know.

It's a nice name, so...

Q. Is this the first time your son has been to a game?

ROBERT WILLIAMS: No, this is like the third game. It's the first time he's been on the court. He actually should have been asleep, but...

Q. How cool is it to share these moments with him?

ROBERT WILLIAMS: I'm just thankful, doing something I love to do obviously, even though he doesn't know what's going on. Just having him out there, create memories for him to look back on, be like, my dad did this, my dad was out there, I was out there.

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