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September 3, 1992

Martina Navratilova


Q. Did you feel that it slipped away when you failed to get those two break points in the fifth game of the third set?

MARTINA NAVRATILOVA: Well, I guess eve eventually it turned out that way. I mean, I lost three games from having game break points or game points, and you can't do that and get away with that. I was holding comfortably, at break points on her serve in two games, and then was up 40-Love on my serve;, played a lousy approach and a lousy volley. She hit a great passing shot at 40-15 and I don't remember what happened at 40-30, but you know, then she started just hitting really, really good shots, and you know, the luck just didn't go my way today. If ever I lost a match by a few inches, today was the day. Couple of huge points at that breakpoint at 15-40, mine was out by about inch or two, and on break points against me, hers caught the back of the line, you know, it is just one of those days. You can't give away so many break points or game points and hope top win a match against a player as good as Maggie. I just didn't close the door when I had the opportunities. God knows I had the opportunities.

Q. At the changeover, third set, after the first game, what were you telling yourself?

MARTINA NAVRATILOVA: Not much. I was thinking about how to hold serve on the next game. I was mad that those break points went away. I came in, I didn't hit at the approach. She hit one down the line; one crosscourt. I was not reacting to the ball very well today at the net. I felt really sluggish at the net. At that point, I was ticked off that I lost the game, but I said, okay, that one is behind. You can't do anything about it. Get on with the next one and I held at 15 next game.

Q. She said she felt that at various times during the match that you were nervous. She mostly cited the doublefaults in the first set. Were you feeling nervous or ill, at least throughout part of the match?

MARTINA NAVRATILOVA: The first doublefault I was nervous. The second one, I went for. But I just led with my body. It is all technique. Once after that, I don't think I had one doublefault, because I really concentrated on the technical aspects of hitting the second serve, which is for me, I have a tendency to move my body ahead of the ball; that is why all those serves go in the net. The first doublefault, I mean, I don't know. I was nervous, at times. Absolutely.

Q. Why do you think that was so?

MARTINA NAVRATILOVA: Gee, let me see why I could be nervous. I mean, figure it out. Come on. Do I have to spell it out for you? What has she got to lose and what do I have to lose? For her, it's the match of her life. It is a second round match. It could be possibly my last Grand Slam event, I mean, I don't know. She is 18 years old, 19. How old?

Q. 17.

MARTINA NAVRATILOVA: 17. So she is isn't worried about anything. For me, time is running out. So what have I got to be nervous about?

Q. How did the rain break affect you?

MARTINA NAVRATILOVA: Well, it didn't help. Because I was on a roll and I think it would have been better had it not rained, but you know, still, I was pretty comfortable. I had done well before with interruptions when we go into the third set. So I thought I would just still be able to handle myself, and win the match.

Q. Is disappointing too soft of a word to call this loss?

MARTINA NAVRATILOVA: Yeah, I think you could look up in the dictionary probably something stronger than that.

Q. Anything that you might suggest?

MARTINA NAVRATILOVA: My mind is not working that well right now.

Q. Is there a time when you are out there on the court in a match like this you say, my God, how many of these Maleeva sisters are there?

MARTINA NAVRATILOVA: I am glad she is the last one. Yeah, you go through-- all these thoughts go through your head. I said, well, I guess I will be one of the few players that had lost to all of them. At least once, anyway. I had beat the mother anyway. I never lost to the mother.

Q. When did you beat Julia?


Q. You did as a girl?

MARTINA NAVRATILOVA: Yeah, way back, 1970. I didn't beat her badly. She managed to have three daughters after that.

Q. Martina, Thursday when you were promoting the match with Connors, you felt you were playing really good tennis perhaps since 1986. Now, after the loss you are talking about "time is running out," it may be your last Grand Slam. Do you really think that that could quickly go away or that kind of level could just slide?

MARTINA NAVRATILOVA: My game hasn't gone away that much. I played really well against the top players, but I didn't get a chance to get that far. I think if I had a couple of more simple matches, more simple opponents, perhaps, I could have played my way into the tournament. It is just really rough on me to be able to turn it on and play great tennis, you know, first or second round. And the draw, I think, down the line, I had a good draw about the first few rounds; sure turned out to be pretty tough. If I played obviously like I played in Atlanta, I would have won the match, but also the court was a bit faster. This court is a bit slow. I think it is a bit slower than last year.

Q. How strong a possibility is it that this truly is your Grand Slam? Is that something you might say?

MARTINA NAVRATILOVA: This truly is my last Grand Slam? You forgot that word, right? You forgot to say "last."

Q. Just because you just said that earlier that it could be.

MARTINA NAVRATILOVA: It could be anybody's last Grand Slam. I don't know if I am going to be here tomorrow. You could walk down the street and get hit by a cab. I mean, I am not saying-- obviously, if you are 17, you have a much better chance of being back next year than when you are 35. The time is running out. I don't know how much I have in this head and heart and legs. I don't know. But you know, if I was 17 years old, I certainly wouldn't think that this is my last Grand Slam. Don't read into this that Martina is quitting. I can see the headlines again tomorrow. You know, I am not-- I am planning on playing a full schedule next year. It is pretty hard to think about next year when you lose in the second round like this.

Q. Doesn't the experiences - the way you have maintained your level; obviously, what Connors is doing, lead you to believe that you really can continue to go strong, perhaps, another five years?

MARTINA NAVRATILOVA: That seems like a lifetime away from me. That is tough to ask right now. You asked me after L.A.; I said, oh, yeah, I could play five more years. Ask me today. I don't know if I could get out of bed tomorrow. That is a pretty low time for me to be contemplating that far into the future, but, you know, I am planning on playing next year. I am planning on playing the rest of this year. That is about all I can tell you right now.

Q. Is this one the worst loss you have had? I don't know how you compare them?

MARTINA NAVRATILOVA: It is pretty bad, yeah it ranks right up there.

Q. Thank you very much.

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