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May 21, 2022

Al Horford

Boston Celtics

Game 3: Postgame

Heat 109, Celtics 103

Q. Al, turnovers seemed to be the common denominator when you guys have a game like this. What do they do to get into you that well and disrupt you?

AL HORFORD: Yeah, you know, from the beginning their pressure felt like it bothered us, and we didn't respond. It's happened to us a couple times this playoff run. It's something that we continue to fight, and it seemed like every time we put ourselves in a position, we turned the ball over.

We've got to look at the film tomorrow, see how we can be better for Monday.

Q. Al, 39-18 in the first quarter there. I know turnovers was one part of it, but Ime said you guys came out flat. How do you explain that in a game of this magnitude?

AL HORFORD: Well, the reality is that I guess that can happen. We have to be better, but that's something that can happen. We have to understand we need to -- simple as that, we need to be better. We need to come out with more sense of urgency.

I think coming back home, you tend to relax a little bit, and I feel like we did that at the beginning, and then finally in the second we started to play a little bit. You can't spot a team this much points. It's tough.

Despite that, I felt like we were in position there to win the game at the end.

Q. Ime said at shootaround today you were one of the players who spoke up, just saying that the response from the Heat would be a lot better after the way the last game went. What was your message about that, and why do you think you just weren't prepared when they did come out like that?

AL HORFORD: I mean, you've just got to give them credit. They were just like a wounded animal. They came out fighting. For whatever reason, we just didn't have that same sense of urgency.

I'm just very looking forward to watching film with the guys tomorrow. We can get to see some of the things that we can do, that we can clean up, how we can be better, and go from there.

Q. You mentioned you guys tend to relax at home and usually especially in this building you think Playoffs it's a real boost, but you guys haven't been very good here so far in these Playoffs. Why do you think there is that relaxation? Do you assume it's going to be easier than it really is or relying on the crowd more than you should? Why haven't you gotten that lift?

AL HORFORD: Yeah, I think we are excited to be here. We are excited for our fans to rally behind us, but we need to just, to your point, be more consistent at home and come out with the right sense of urgency. It's something that we need to be better starting Monday.

Q. I know it's everybody, not just one or two guys, but when Jaylen and Jayson start like they did tonight, how do you try to pick them up as teammates and get the team on their feet when the two best players are struggling to that degree?

AL HORFORD: You know, they do a lot of things for us. We put a lot on their shoulders - score the ball, make plays for others, pass, defend. It's just a lot of things that go on.

It's a challenge. It's not easy. They have done such a good job all year. We rally. We try to do things. If for whatever reason it's not going well for them, we try to get them going, be a boost there. But it's not easy. It's not easy. It's a lot being thrown at. It's a lot to kind of in the moment kind of figure out. But I have the most confidence in my guys.

Time and time again this year, they figure it out. Jayson figures it out, Jaylen figures it out. Those guys are battle tested, and I believe they'll be fine.

Q. It seems like when you guys are turning the ball over a lot, there's a lot of trying to do too much, overpenetration, holding the ball, playing in a crowd. When you guys are playing your best, that ball is moving around, no one is holding it for too long. Why do you think despite that being kind of clear, the trying to do too much keeps happening?

AL HORFORD: I'm not sure, but the one thing is -- well, Game 1, third quarter got away from us. Game 2 we were much better. I just want to see -- sometimes you think you just play the game, you're thinking about things, thinking about plays, but for me I just get a much clearer picture when I'm able to watch the film and just kind of see and understand.

We'll have those discussions. We'll kind of go from there. Like I said, I do feel like our guys always figure it out, and I believe we will.

Q. You guys figured it out with the film after Game 1, and once again they were able to sneak in and steal a lot of balls by jumping out of nowhere. What is it about the way Miami operates, with the way they blitz and pre-rotate that just makes it hard to see coming when it still can happen?

AL HORFORD: Yeah, they're a team that's going to hustle. They're going to make it tough. I just want to see what it is. But Coach Udoka has been doing a good job with us all year making adjustments, and especially in the Playoffs from game to game. We see things that we need to fix, figure it out, put it together, and move forward.

I expect us to do that for Monday.

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