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May 21, 2022

Will Zalatoris

Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Southern Hills Country Club

Flash Quotes

JOHN DEVER: Good afternoon, welcome back to the 2022 PGA Championship. We are here with Will Zalatoris who carded a 3-over par 73 today, 6-under par for the championship. Today wasn't your day like it was on both Thursday and Friday but. You're not out of this, are you?

WILL ZALATORIS: I'm not. I was pretty frustrated with the start but I would rather have a frustrating start and good finish. It's good momentum heading into tomorrow. It was brutal out there. I really did a poor job of leaving myself above the hole pretty much all day.

Having to hit putts soft and outside the hole and playing with crosswinds on top of that, like on 9, we just honestly just caught a horrendous gust and just didn't even have a chance halfway through. That ball flew probably a cup and a half off the line.

So it was hard but I'm proud of the way I hung in there and fought hard all day. I thought I would have some nice momentum going into tomorrow.

Q. Like basketball, what adjustments did you make at halftime?

WILL ZALATORIS: Yeah, I know the fixes in my game all around. You know, the wind did die down a little bit at the end today. I think if anything, I just kind of started getting myself a little bit more below the hole. I felt like I had nine left-to-righters today that I needed to play a cup or more inside of ten feet with crosswinds.

So a couple of those, I came out of the putts and pushed them to the right but I think it anything, it was just trying to stay on those putts a little bit longer and don't get out of my posture until the ball goes in the hole.

Q. Have you spoken to anybody about how to prepare for the final round of a major when you know you're in contention, and how will you spend the hours between now and teeing off tomorrow?

WILL ZALATORIS: Yeah, I've been fortunate enough to grow up around Lanny Wadkins and Lee Trevino and obviously those guys are major champions, which is funny to even think of Scottie and Jordan, as well. Just stick to my game. Got nothing to lose tomorrow. I know I'm playing some really good golf, and hopefully at the end of the day it adds up to the lower score.

Q. What will you do tonight to think about what you're doing here or not think about it?

WILL ZALATORIS: Whenever I have a late tee time I try to stay up a little bit later so I can sleep in. I don't have a dog in the fight in the Heat/Celtics game but I'll probably stay up and watch it.

Q. What gives you confidence as one of the guys who are trailing that you can makeup the deficit?

WILL ZALATORIS: Yeah, like I said I've got nothing to lose. You know, I Mito played an incredible round today. You could argue today was as good as J.T.'s 67 in the morning with the winds yesterday. I think you've got to go out and get it. Everybody's got to go out and earn it. Just like I said, keep doing what I'm doing and hopefully it adds up to the lowest score.

Q. What was the best part of Mito's game?

WILL ZALATORIS: Making the birdie on 2. That's stale probably a shot and a half on the field. Any time he got out of position, he made up for it. He had it going sideways probably 7 through 10, and then he righted the ship and made a couple good putts for birdie and hit some great iron shots.

That was about as solid as he could have played today. Even though he made a few bogeys out there, he really didn't leave much out there. That was pretty fun to watch and watching that driver on 18 was pretty cool, too.

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