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May 21, 2022

Shaun Norris

Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Southern Hills Country Club

Flash Quotes

JOHN DEVER: Welcome back to the 2022 PGA Championship. We are joined by Shaun Norris who put forth a third round 74 today, 4-over par. Looking at your scorecard, a little bit up-and-down. Those are some tough conditions out there. Maybe talk about how you played within those conditions out there this morning.

SHAUN NORRIS: It was definitely not easy at all. I mean, the wind wasn't anything it's been since the start of the week, complete different course. And then weather being a bit colder and things like that also changed everything, trying to get distances was a lot harder than the first couple of days.

JOHN DEVER: You seem to embrace the weather, short sleeves and telling us it was right up your alley.

SHAUN NORRIS: I quite like this weather. I tend to get hot quickly. So overall the weather was completely different to the first couple of days. Made it a lot harder for us today.

JOHN DEVER: We've had all four seasons, haven't we.

Q. You talk about embracing the weather. How do you embrace a round like today when you find out last night who you're going to be playing with and going out and having the round you did?

SHAUN NORRIS: I was fortunate to play with Tiger before. I played with him at the British Open at Carnoustie. It was a lot easier this time to handle it. Got to see all the crowds again and everything like that.

But it's not easy. I mean, there's so many people out there. But they are all rooting for Tiger for me and then it's such a pleasure to actually be able to go through that and experience that type of round.

Q. On the 6th tee, you guys had some time to wait there, what were you chatting about?

SHAUN NORRIS: Our kids. I mean, how Charlie is doing, what he's been up to and becoming a teenager. I said to him, "My son is only 3 1/2 years old, so I'll experience the same thing in a couple years' time."

Q. He's not playing well, he's obviously hurting. What do you feel when you watch Tiger Woods play golf for 18 holes?

SHAUN NORRIS: You know, he's such a phenomenal player. You feel so sorry for him having to go through this. But then again, you also see the type of person that he is; that he grinds through everything and pushes himself, even all the pain and that. It's not easy to see a guy like him have to go through that and struggle like that.

He's swinging it nicely, and I think he'll be back once he gets back to normal health and sorts out all the problems.

Q. You guys seemed to be getting along really well. So it seems like he is able to compartmentalize how much pain he's in with how he acts toward you and your caddie. Is that a fair assessment?

SHAUN NORRIS: Yeah, yeah. Coming from South Africa, we are pretty rough. We run around like idiots and always get injured. So been through my own injuries and things like that, and you know, you can relate to it. You know what kind of pain he's going through.

But to show the amount of guts he's got to actually push through it and even make the cut this week is phenomenal.

Q. Is there a shot or two today that he hit that actually kind of surprised you, maybe even how good it was, given what he was going through? You know, at the end, he did make a birdie and managed to make those pars to break 80. Anything that stood out?

SHAUN NORRIS: His putting, he's always been an unbelievable putter, but there were a few times he hit some irons and I thought, he's there. It's there. I mean, it's definitely there.

I think it's just the fatigue and the pain at the end of the round that catches up to him at the moment.

Q. You said the South Africans run around and hurt each other a lot. Is that something that's global or --

SHAUN NORRIS: I think the way we were raised in South Africa is a little bit different. Playing rugby and things like that, we are a little bit rougher as boys. We tend to push the boundaries and things like that. But I eventually decided against rugby. I realized I was too small. So yeah, I started playing golf and kept on with that.

Q. Rory was in here yesterday saying he can appreciate just watching Tiger fight. Who did you see today in that and is that something you can really hit home with?

SHAUN NORRIS: Yeah, for sure. The determination that the guy has, I mean, it's phenomenal. You can see he was battling just today to get the ball out of the hole from time to time, even to bend out to put the ball on the tee; but pushing through it and getting all the focus on at the right times and on the shots is phenomenal.

Q. Tiger said he's only going to play the big tournaments and he's only going to play so many. Do you appreciate that there's only so many of these rounds left and you got to play with him today?

SHAUN NORRIS: Like I said to be able to have played in my lifetime in two majors with him, I can't be more pleased and happy about it. It's a guy that I've always looked up to. He's been an idol. So for me, it was a great pleasure to actually experience that.

Q. Did you sleep any differently last night?

SHAUN NORRIS: No, no. Normal. Like I said, I've luckily had the experience of playing with him before. That night, I did struggle to sleep back then.

Q. Curious what you took out of that day with Tiger at Carnoustie, different circumstances obviously, he got himself into contention that day. Were you sort of in awe at all or did you come away learning something?

SHAUN NORRIS: I definitely learned a lot, a hell of a lot that day. I was fortunate enough, I played well and he played very well.

But to show that he's also human. I mean, but I learned a hell of a lot from him to take into my own game, and I think since then I've grown a lot as well.

Q. In what ways?

SHAUN NORRIS: Just the way to approach golf courses and how to handle yourself and know that you don't have to be perfect. I mean, at the end of the day, you're putting a score down. It doesn't matter how. But if you can put a good score down, it shows that you grinded and pushed yourself into contention.

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