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May 20, 2022

Otto Porter Jr.

Golden State Warriors

Game 2: Postgame

Golden State 126, Dallas 117

Q. You guys were down 19 at one point in the first half, I think 17 early in the third quarter. What was the message at halftime with facing such a large deficit?

OTTO PORTER, JR.: I think the message was we just have to come out and play a little bit harder and get back to the game plan. I think we did a good job of that. You know, focusing in on what they were trying to do. Offensively, we just took our time. Ball started to move and we started to get good looks, and we started to play better defense.

Q. Otto, what goes into staying locked in as the series shifts to Dallas?

OTTO PORTER, JR.: Like I said, we just got to stay with the game plan, what we are trying to do. Stay with the formula. We know they are going to be at home. They are going to have all the energy. Their fans are going to get into it. We just got to stay poised, and I think if we do that, we'll take care of business.

Q. You mentioned to stick with the game plan. What didn't you guys do well in the first half that let them get off for 15 threes and what did you do better?

OTTO PORTER, JR.: We just didn't communicate well enough on the pick-and-roll. They were able to get out and hit some shots. They were able to find some shooters. We got a little bit closer to them in the second half. Made it tough for them. Like I said, we just played harder.

Q. Looney has been so steady, durable, whatever you want to say. But the performance, starting with Game 6 to now that he's given you guys --

OTTO PORTER, JR.: It's been all year. It's been all year. He's been the rock on the inside for us. He's going to continue to do that. We can always count on him to be ready to step up at any moment.

Q. Are there times when he grabs a rebound that just gives you guys such a lift because it's another opportunity and it's a chance -- an unexpected second chance?

OTTO PORTER, JR.: Yeah, when he's down there, he's doing all the dirty work, cleaning up the rebounds. For us, we played defense for 24 seconds and when he gets the rebound, we can push out the way. Like I said, we've been focusing on rebounding all year, all playoffs, really. So with him on the inside, we know he's going to get a lot for us.

Q. The emphasis on his rebounding, that's what the emphasis is but tonight he had a career-high 21 points. When he's scoring the ball like he did tonight, what else does that do for you guys that he hasn't given you yet before?

OTTO PORTER, JR.: The way they are guarding Klay and Steph, putting two on the ball, we take advantage of the inside. Looney down there, they don't really have shot-blockers and he just takes advantage of it. He's in the right place at the right time for offensive rebounds, put-backs, dump-offs. He's always ready.

So when we drive and they help, we can count on him being there for the easy lay. He's really good at being down there and the dunker (spot), and just his overall presence.

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