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May 20, 2022

Rickie Fowler

Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Southern Hills Country Club

Flash Quotes

Q. Talk about the week and kind of the frustration and the positives, things that could be positive, too.

RICKIE FOWLER: Yeah, obviously a lot of good stuff out there, tough conditions yesterday afternoon and then today in the wind, so to be only 1-over is not a terrible spot.

JT played some damn good golf, shooting 3-under both days. But I'm happy with where we're at. Definitely could have been a bit better, but also I think I did a really good job of scrambling, getting out of trouble, and yeah, a lot of good stuff, so I'm excited about the next two days.

Q. Kind of the way the waves worked here this week, no?

RICKIE FOWLER: Yeah, it'll be interesting to see the two waves. Yesterday morning definitely played easier than it did in the afternoon. This morning we had quite a bit of wind.

It's supposed to -- it laid down a little bit as the day went on out there. Our back nine wasn't blowing as much as the front nine this morning. So it'll be interesting to see. Hopefully it doesn't die down too much for the afternoon guys.

I do think you'll see more guys from the early-late wave make the cut, but if the wind stays up, you never know, because they weren't able to cut and roll the greens, so they were still a little choppy from yesterday.

But yeah, it all evens out, so I'm happy with where we're at.

Q. Not just the grind but the difficulty of a major, there's a lot of adaptation here. You have to change plans and change strategies a lot?

RICKIE FOWLER: Yeah, when the wind gets blowing this hard it doesn't matter where you're at. It changes lines, and when it is blowing this hard, you can't necessarily work it against it or try and hold shots too much.

You kind of have to hit a solid one and let the wind take it. You've got to use the wind as your friend.

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