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October 14, 2003

Albert Costa


THE MODERATOR: Questions in Spanish for Albert.

Q. Did you expect a match like this, so tough?

ALBERT COSTA: Yes. It was an equal match. I needed to be brave, to play the important points well. I think I've played a very good match. A few opportunities he gave me, I took them, and that made the difference.

Q. Other years at this time of the season, you were fighting hard to get to Shanghai and continue your season.

ALBERT COSTA: My goal right now is to be in the Davis Cup team. I'm going to try. I know it's going to be difficult. But I'm also motivated because of this. Anyway, I think that when you play at home, you're fully motivated. The crowd has impressed me here. Their support has been incredible.

Q. Going back to the Davis Cup. You don't have so many good results on grass. How do you see the situation?

ALBERT COSTA: Obviously, no one likes comparing players. There's people who obviously have won more matches than me on grass, but maybe I've won more matches than someone else throughout my career on many other surfaces. Our captains will do what they find most appropriate. I fought to be there. There might be changes, but what can I do about that? I'm not happy, but...

Q. Is it just a possibility for the moment; nothing is settled?

ALBERT COSTA: Yeah, they've told me they wanted to try Feliciano and Alex. That's what they've told me. I haven't been let go yet.

Q. This decision, what do you think of it?

ALBERT COSTA: I have been a little bit upset, that's true. I played Alex a year and a half. We have gone to the Olympics. Anyway, if they consider someone can do it better, what can I do?

Q. Changing subjects. What about betting? We knew about it, but what about players?

ALBERT COSTA: The only thing I know is the ATP is investigating. If there's someone that has done it, and we catch him, he's going to suffer the consequences. He's going to pay a fine, possibly three years suspension. This is not something to play with, you see, gambling. But I think it's difficult to see tennis players involved.

Q. Do you see the next round as something easy?

ALBERT COSTA: I'm just facing it match by match. Tomorrow I know I have a match against Srichaphan. It's going to be tough. I'm going to try my best. I hope to go on to the third round.

Q. Your tennis was great today, a very high level, on a fast court. Do you think you played as well as this before?

ALBERT COSTA: Yes. I think in Paris I did very, very well, quarterfinals. Last years Masters, I did well. This year in Miami, I played well. I've had good moments. But today I served very good. My change of racquet has been very positive. I've tried to play more aggressive tennis. My racquet is a Fischer.

Q. Coming from Chile, I would like to know your opinion about Fernando Gonzalez. He's young, but has a good future in tennis. What do you think?

ALBERT COSTA: I think he is a very good tennis player, aggressive. No one wants to play against him because he's very dangerous and difficult to beat. I know he's working hard and is going to go high, I'm sure.

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