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May 18, 2022

Drew Kittleson

Drew Stoltz

Birmingham, Alabama, USA

Country Club of Birmingham

Quick Quotes

Q. It has to be heartbreaking. You guys played so well all week and you get down to 18 and they make a great birdie and you guys obviously --

DREW KITTLESON: It's just golf. It's a hell of a game.

Q. But you know this. You've been in this spot before.


Q. Did you bounce off of that at all in this final match? I know it was 14 years ago. When you think back to a week ago, you guys weren't even in the championship and then you have this incredible run.

DREW KITTLESON: Yeah, it's just we weren't behind the whole match I don't think.

DREW STOLTZ: First time we trailed was -- 18 we wanted to make them make birdie, and they did, but to make bogey on this hole to end it, I think that's a tough one --

DREW KITTLESON: Yeah, it's just devastating.

DREW STOLTZ: -- to lose on a par on a little baby par 4 like that this.

Q. Had you guys struggled on this hole at all this week?

DREW STOLTZ: I don't think I ever hit the fairway this week.

DREW KITTLESON: Yeah, we only hit one fairway in like 15 goes.

Q. It just didn't suit your eye?

DREW KITTLESON: It just didn't work.

Q. Sum up your week. I know you're exempt for three years. You get here; you're second --

DREW KITTLESON: Do we get any other exemptions?

Q. No, that's it, three years. No U.S. Open for either of you guys.

DREW STOLTZ: That's a shame. My game feels good.

Q. Yeah, you get the Amateur and the Mid-Am. But still, eight days ago you were ready to play the PGA, you were going to do business, now you get to a final. That's a critical week.

DREW STOLTZ: We had a blast. He's one of my best friends in the world. We took turns propping each other up. When one wasn't playing well he other carried most of the load.

Wish we could have ended it a different way. That birdie they made on 18 was pretty classy. This one on the playoff hole hurts a little bit.

Q. Yeah. Anytime you lose to a par; I mean, you want to make them make a birdie. How about the amount of golf you guys played? You guys talked about it yesterday. I mean, today you went --

DREW KITTLESON: I'm good for golf for a couple weeks.

DREW STOLTZ: That's the last time I'm going to hold the clubs --

DREW KITTLESON: Yeah, I've hit my golf limit for the next couple weeks.

Q. Do you guys play a lot?

DREW STOLTZ: No. We played a little two-day tournament at Whisper Rock right before this coincidentally, but otherwise I'm strictly pretty much like member-guest, occasional --

DREW KITTLESON: Member-guest tour.

DREW STOLTZ: It shows in the way I play.

Q. Are you guys both at Whisper Rock?


Q. You were the talk of the town at the PGA. A lot of guys tweeting and talking about it.

DREW STOLTZ: That's nice of them to be following along. Yeah, some of the radio guys and some of the players, been getting texts from them and things like that.

I'm sure I'll talk to them tonight, but be a disappointing exchange after this one.

Q. How about you? You hear from anybody, any of your college buddies?

DREW KITTLESON: Oh, yeah, just hundreds of text messages, but all for nothing.

Q. Did you guys find a hotel last night? I guess you did.

DREW STOLTZ: Yeah, we got one. Now we go find another.

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