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October 15, 2003

Albert Costa


THE MODERATOR: Questions in Spanish for Albert.

Q. You played an incredible match yesterday. How did you see yourself today? Better? Worse?

ALBERT COSTA: I think I was playing at a high level today. And it's clear that those players were also playing very, very good. He's a specialist. I took him to a third set. I had a chance, and I didn't take advantage of it. The whole match changed suddenly. A few errors cost me the match. But I'm happy. This court is especially fast. I've played at a good level. It was a match anyone could lose.

Q. Do you think Tennis Masters Madrid is going to influence you the weekend of 28th through the 30th of November?

ALBERT COSTA: That tournament is very important. I'm only going to play Paris Bercy. But it's obvious this tournament goes for those who are fit and for those who are not. The captains are the ones to decide for the Davis Cup, not me.

Q. Is it uncomfortable to have to answer these types of questions, questions regarding the Davis Cup?

ALBERT COSTA: It's not comfortable, but I can tell you I'm used to it. The team is usually announced the last minute. The same as it happened in the year 2002. It was announced the last minute. Well, I'm used to it. It's not new to me.

Q. Does it bother you?

ALBERT COSTA: It's not very comfortable. I would like to know I'm on the team from the first moment, but that's not the case, so...

Q. How do you see the team Feliciano/Corretja?

ALBERT COSTA: I don't know. You're the ones to decide and judge. They're going to play today. I hope they play well. I don't know what to say. We'll see afterwards. I haven't seen them play together. They're my friends. It won't feel bad to watch them. It's not watching them to feel bad. If they do well, congratulations. I know I can do it as well as them.

Q. Do you feel badly?

ALBERT COSTA: It's not that I feel bad, but if captains want to make trials, that's fine. I have my own opinion. That's all. It's clear I'm not happy, but decisions have to be put up. I'm not going to criticize anyone here right now. Everyone has their own opinion. Feliciano is very good on grass. For me, I'll be able to play with Corretja. Everyone has his own opinion.

Q. Do you think it would be better if you formed a team with Alex?

ALBERT COSTA: Of course, if you look at the results this year, the season Alex has had, he's not had his best season, but he has experience. That is also being valued. That's something I find fine and correct.

Q. But it's legitimate that you feel bad for not being in Australia in the Davis Cup final.

ALBERT COSTA: No, I'm not going to feel badly if I'm not in the Davis Cup. I've tried to give my best to be in that final, so I'm not going to feel bad, because I've been working for it. I understand the captains might have doubts. I admit there are doubts. But I'm not going to feel bad for that. I've been No. 8 in the world, only playing doubles in the Davis Cup. I thought I also could play singles, but this is not new. Everyone knows this. Okay, I'm hurt because I have made a great effort, and now they think they need to keep trying, making trials, but it's not my decision.

Q. What is your coach's opinion of the Davis Cup decision?

ALBERT COSTA: I wouldn't speak about that. He tells me I'm fit, putting a lot of effort. They'll tell me what happens after Bercy. I think he, as my coach, that's his word. He encourages me to be there, give my best in singles. I try to give my best for them to see I'm a good player, too.

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