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May 17, 2022

Drew Kittleson

Drew Stoltz

Birmingham, Alabama, USA

Country Club of Birmingham

Quick Quotes

Q. Another day, two matches; how did 36 holes feel for the body?

DREW STOLTZ: Last time I walked 36 and didn't ride in a cart was probably college, so I'm dragging ass right now.

Q. When did you graduate college?

DREW STOLTZ: '07. It's been a minute.

DREW KITTLESON: It had to be only another USGA tournament that I did that the last time.

Q. When was your last USGA event? '21, you played the Mid-Am last year. Did you make match play last year?

DREW KITTLESON: Yeah. I lost in 16 or 8 or something, so yeah, I'm sure I played a 36-hole day.

Q. The whole back nine was a back-and-forth match. Talk about 18; was that a 400 yard drive? How much did you have in, how long?

DREW KITTLESON: I had 90 yards in to the flag, back flag. I don't know how far the hole is.

DREW STOLTZ: 460 or something like that, 450.

Q. So you got a hold of that one.

DREW KITTLESON: It was everything. It was a perfect number. 90 yards is my favorite number. I had 90 yards. It was perfect.

Q. What kind of wedge did you hit in there?

DREW KITTLESON: A little 56. It was perfect.

Q. 14 years ago you came close to this, to winning a championship. You're two matches away now. Are you starting to feel like Pinehurst again?

DREW KITTLESON: I don't know about that. It was a long time ago. I don't even know what I felt like then, but I know that winning a USGA championship would be awesome for anybody, anybody on the planet it would be awesome to win a USGA championship.

We got kicked out of our hotel. They wouldn't let us extend our stay, so we have to go find a hotel, and we're going to post mates Chick-Fil-A or Chipotle and get a bottle of wine and that will be our evening.

Q. When did you guys find out you were in the event? Was it Tuesday or Wednesday?

DREW STOLTZ: Tuesday morning.

DREW KITTLESON: Yeah, Tuesday morning.

Q. You were second alternates from your site?

DREW STOLTZ: I forgot we were second.

DREW KITTLESON: We were going to win by a mile. We were like 9-under through like 11 and made bogeys coming in.

DREW STOLTZ: Coming in and going to a playoff. It was brutal.

Q. You think about it, a week ago you weren't even in this thing and now you're two matches away from --

DREW KITTLESON: Yeah, it was never even on our radar to be here. He was supposed to be --

DREW STOLTZ: We qualified in Arizona, and it was like in September. It was so far before, that oh, we're an alternate. You just forget, you don't put it on your calendar because you're an alternate, and then Tuesday I was like oh, my God, that's this week. Here we go.

Q. Where were you supposed to be this week?

DREW KITTLESON: I was supposed to be in Austin, Texas, for work.

Q. For the bath business? That's you guys' business, right?


Q. You founded it?

DREW KITTLESON: Yes, my father founded Rebath corporate, and he's no longer affiliated with the parent company, and now we are franchised in like three or four different states.

Q. So you basically go around and do sales and that kind of stuff?

DREW KITTLESON: Yeah. Well, my dad is like 70, so he's out.

Q. So you basically have taken over what your dad --

DREW KITTLESON: Yeah, yeah, it's all good.

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