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May 16, 2022

Drew Stoltz

Drew Kittleson

Birmingham, Alabama, USA

Country Club of Birmingham

Quick Quotes

Q. Going solo for another day on the radio show?

DREW STOLTZ: The thing is going to go to hell in a hand basket quick. I don't even know if I'm still employed, honestly, at this point. It's been in his hands for 24 hours. God knows what could happen.

Q. Were you supposed to be at the PGA this week?

DREW STOLTZ: I was, yeah, so I was supposed to be up there starting right now, and I just told them, I'm TBD, I could be there Sunday night or I could be there never.

Q. This would end on Wednesday --

DREW STOLTZ: I'm surprised they're still having the tournament without me there. I add no value. Shocking they're still holding it.

Q. You guys pulled out another match. I know there was a lot of bogeys out there, too many for your liking.

DREW KITTLESON: It was not that impressive by any stretch of the imagination.

DREW STOLTZ: Yeah, that was a reverse ham-and-egg. We started off bad. I think we made more bogeys --

DREW KITTLESON: Scottsdale boys. Made more bogeys than we did in a 36-hole --

DREW STOLTZ: I think we made one or two in 36 holes and probably made four or five. We didn't have it, and we had a chance to put it away and we didn't, and then 18 we gave them another chance after it was looking pretty good after where they hit their approaches, and it was just lucky -- hopefully one of those ones you look back on, like that was the one we got out of the way.

Q. Sometimes in match play you can shoot 65 and lose and sometimes in match play you can shoot 75 and win?

DREW KITTLESON: I don't think they had their best stuff, either, but we've done this enough times to know that normally if you're going to win one of these things, normally you've got to either like win in extras or play --

DREW STOLTZ: Play a bad one and get through.

DREW KITTLESON: Not good. And try to like --

DREW STOLTZ: Because you're not going to be on like five times in a row.

Q. You got to a final; you know what it's like.

DREW KITTLESON: Yeah, that's what I mean.

DREW STOLTZ: This kid is an animal. Hopefully I don't foresee us reverse ham-and-egging it like that going forward.

DREW KITTLESON: It can't go like that.

DREW STOLTZ: We could be terrible tomorrow.

Q. Any texts from Colt last night at all?

DREW STOLTZ: No, I think he's secretly hoping we just get close but don't win.

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