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January 22, 2004

Albert Costa



Q. What's the secret to winning a match like that against a guy who serves like Wayne Arthurs?

ALBERT COSTA: Just keep your mind free and wait. That what I did during the match. At the end, he made three double-faults in one game. So I have to wait for his mistakes. Try to return his second serve and sometimes his first serve. But it was very difficult because he was 39 aces. Unbelievable match.

Q. How is the injury? Are you injured at all? How are you feeling physically?

ALBERT COSTA: Tired. Very tired. But I have one day and a half to recover, and I will see. I'm pretty much used to this kind of sensation, so...

Q. Did Roland Garros last year come to mind?

ALBERT COSTA: Of course, yeah. It was almost the same. But here, the first match was not that physically. Against Arthurs was long, but not like we didn't have to run too much. So it's like serve and two or three shots so it's not that much.

Q. Do you think you have any chance to win here?

ALBERT COSTA: Well, why not?

Q. You played that great match with Andre several years ago.

ALBERT COSTA: Why not? Why not? But I have to look after for the next match. But why not? I'm gonna try to do my best tennis and keep my mind free and that's it. So if I do the right things, maybe I can win some more matches and being in the last round.

Q. This is your best chance of anywhere expect Roland Garros, more than Wimbledon, more than US Open?

ALBERT COSTA: Well, more than Wimbledon, I suppose (laughter). US Open I like also, so...

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