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May 15, 2022

Kurt Busch

Kansas City, Kansas

Press Conference

An Interview with:

Q. That is one thing he is familiar with. 33 tries. Kurt Busch finally gets that first victory at Kansas Speedway. Kurt, the year you guys have had, joining this team, the ups and downs. How did you guys come out and dominate the way you did to get this first victory?

KURT BUSCH: It's all about teamwork. I mean, I don't do this alone, and the way that Toyota has helped us, JGR. My little brother has been so important just on the family side of, hey, you've got to get through these steps.

Bubba is a tremendous teammate, but this is 23XI. This is our first win for the 45 car and with Jordan Brand on the hood. I felt like I had to play like the GOAT, race like the GOAT, and I had to beat the Kyles. I had to beat both. This was like the Kyle and Kyle show.

I remember Ned Jarrett said, this is the Dale and Dale show. If I can get one Kyle, I can get both. I had to have the confidence to know that our setup would do things on short run and long run.

Thanks to Jordan Brand, Toyota, Monster Energy, McDonald's, MoneyLion. Just all the team partners of 23XI. This 45 car is the winner now.

Q. Kurt, you have been doing this. You have been in this game a long time, and Mike Joy mentioned the number of different teams you've done it with. What is it like joining a team like this that's so new and being able to get you right here? What does that take?

KURT BUSCH: It's the most gratifying to work from the ground up with a brand new car number. Yes, I have been with a lot of teams, a lot of manufacturers. Now, this is the check off the Toyota box, but it's about family.

I love my family at home. I love my KBI employees and everybody at 23XI. This is for us. This is what the hard work is all about no matter if you lose a couple of spots on pit road, no matter if our car was a basket of whatever to start. I'm going to go find Toto. I'm in Kansas. I'm loving it.

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