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May 15, 2022

K.H. Lee

McKinney, Texas, USA

TPC Craig Ranch

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: We would like to welcome the winner of the 2021 and now the 2022 AT&T Byron Nelson, K.H. Lee, to the interview room. Exciting second win. Just want to get your general thoughts of how this specifically this tournament and this course has become your home.

K.H. LEE: It's amazing feeling. So I can't believe, still feels like dreaming, but last year and this year still make good memories. So thanks.

THE MODERATOR: Talk about how your game is just so comfortable here specifically with this course, TPC Craig Ranch.

K.H. LEE: Yes, when I'm here very comfortable feeling, even tee shot or when I'm putting it's very welcoming here. So I try this year remember good memory. So I make a lot of putts this week, so, so happy.

THE MODERATOR: Walking up 18 green today did you have any memory specifically from last year and getting the win?

K.H. LEE: Yes, last year feels like more rain and rain delay, different conditions. But I remember walking over the bridge, so hopefully I want to have the same feeling over the bridge, walking over the bridge, but feels like so amazing when I walk over there.

THE MODERATOR: And mom and dad are here and wife and daughter. Last time for your win your wife was pregnant with your daughter. So how special is it to have this win with your daughter here present?

K.H. LEE: It's so amazing because last year with the wife, wife is pregnant. This year 10 months my daughter. And with my mother and father, whole family here, so I'm so happy with my family and winning moments, so it's nice.

THE MODERATOR: We'll open it up to questions.

Q. What is it about this course that makes you so comfortable?

K.H. LEE: I think tee shot. I hit a really good iron shot and then I think the key here is iron shot, because a lot of guys make a birdie. So when I hear par-3 or when I tee shot any holes, very, very comfortable, then make more confidence and then it helped this week.

Q. Could you walk us through the putt on 17, that was kind of a big clincher for you. Walk us through what you were feeling on that one.

K.H. LEE: Honestly, very nervous over there. I know it's a very important putt to make a par. Jordan and a lot of guys coming just one behind and I know a lot of guys make a birdie at 18, so I need to make the putt, like seven or eight feet par putt, it's very difficult. Just, I pray and then make the putt.

THE MODERATOR: You recently made a change with your putter.

K.H. LEE: Yes, only thing is, last year I was using two-ball putter and last year changed to Anser putter. Last week, just opposite, I changed to the old two-ball putter and then I think it really works for this week, very thankful for that putter.

Q. You're a back-to-back winner at the Byron Nelson now. Before you did this only three people have this stat, Sam Snead, Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson had done that. Obviously they're all pretty big names in golf. How does it feel joining that elite company to go back-to-back here at the Nelson?

K.H. LEE: I heard that. It's amazing, I can't believe it. Just hopefully people remember my name, but, yeah, I try more play well, so hopefully more remember my name.

Q. How do you like the Stetson hat and when are you going to wear it?

K.H. LEE: Oh, if not married, maybe later using. But now I'm married and have a baby, so maybe just night one time with a mirror, just myself. I don't know what it is, but, yeah.

Q. And how will you celebrate this victory?

K.H. LEE: Hopefully this week with my family, whole family here, so I think we'll go to Korean restaurant or a good restaurant there and then some beer and good meat and then make some happy moment over there.

Q. You said that you prayed before that putt on 17. Do you do that often or was this a special occasion for you?

K.H. LEE: Not usually, but, yes, when I'm nervous, yeah, sometimes I pray. But I know that that's a very important putt, so I pray over there. Sometimes, like I need to believe in myself, but just need a, Oh, God, like, please, pray.

Q. What made you decide to switch putters?

K.H. LEE: I think when I set up like not square, sometimes closed, sometimes open, a couple months ago. But I try a little big head, two-ball putter that makes look like more square, easier to check for when I line up it's more square and then that's what helped with my stroke.

Q. How does this victory, if at all, does it change your goals for the rest of the season for you?

K.H. LEE: Yeah, just keep momentum well and next week PGA Championship. Last year I missed the cut at the PGA Championship. So my first goal is next week play well, hopefully make the cut and play well, and then also keep momentum and try to more champion group or more play well, so hopefully this season will be better than last year.

Q. Speaking of last year, did you miss the TOUR Championship by one place?

K.H. LEE: Yes.

Q. You were 31st.

K.H. LEE: I think so. 31st, yes. So, yes, 31, I think.

Q. I suppose that would be a goal too?

K.H. LEE: Yes, TOUR Championship, yes. This helps. This is really good, yeah.

Q. I would like to know, how do you feel when you start the round? When you did the first par and after that your first birdie today, how you feel, you feel that you can do it, you can -- how do you feel about your game when you do your first birdie today, because you do very solid the first nine holes. So I would like to know how you feel when you do your first birdie and when you say, yes, I got it, I can win this today.

K.H. LEE: Honestly, just my goal is when I, before final round I want to play well, but I don't think about win, just keep momentum and next week.

But No. 2 I think birdie, maybe 50 feet something, make a long putt.

And then on number 3 it's pretty, like 25 feet in the hole. So make more momentum.

And then No. 12 make eagle.

So I think maybe some chance winning again, so that makes more confidence in myself at that time.

THE MODERATOR: Obviously with the win rising up the leaderboard for the Presidents Cup standings. How much thought have you given to wanting to make Presidents Cup?

K.H. LEE: Yeah, I really want to play Presidents Cup. It's very big honor. But I play well, I need to play well, more play well and get there and hopefully get in the Presidents Cup and play that Presidents Cup team.

THE MODERATOR: All right, thank you. Again congratulations, two-time champion of the tournament and thank you for joining us.

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