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May 13, 2022

Stefanos Tsitsipas

Roma, Italia

Press Conference


7-6, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Stef.

Q. I think you played really well. I don't know what was your impression. You weren't missing almost anything, serving great, with the atmosphere which wasn't easy. Few mistakes about the linesmen in the beginning. Many situations which could have create some problems to other players. You reacted pretty well. Do you agree with that? Are you happy with your match, your play? I think you played much better than in the previous days.

STEFANOS TSITSIPAS: Yes, it was a good match that I was able to bring out on the court. He also had his moments where he was really stepping in and being very determined of his shot selection and his game plan. He wasn't easy to play against today.

My performance was very consistent, especially in the tiebreak where I had to take some decisions. In these critical moments, I was really precise and knew exactly what I'm going to follow and how am I going to do it. It worked in my favor.

Risking a little bit in the moments where I saw the opportunity to be right there, I went for it, came in. I think my volleys were able to give me successful points there that probably others wouldn't have taken and went to the net.

I was really focused on that part of my game. That was a very psychological uplift. Since the tiebreak finished, I really felt like things were in my favor. I was able to really create those opportunities and press a little bit more when probably others would have just put the ball back. I really went for a little bit more with the intention of making it. It did happen.

Q. What did you feel when on the match point there was the accident? Was it very difficult to keep concentration? When the umpire said, Carry on, then people was whistling, what was your feeling, that you should have stopped and wait or you wanted to finish because match point, you just dream about going out of court and take a shower?

STEFANOS TSITSIPAS: I can wait. It's probably much more important -- not probably, it is much more important of what's happening up there. If someone is suffering, has a difficult moment, the medics need to take care of that first. I was completely understanding of the situation.

It's very important that these people are there, but I also need to address that they were good at the job that they did but they probably could have done it a little bit quicker, in my opinion. Regardless of that, I could have waited longer.

It's a tricky situation. I've never been faced with that before. But health is more important than a tennis match.

Q. At least now you have to play Zverev, who is also playing pretty well. You played him recently. Is it an opportunity that you like to play against? Does he create more problems than others because he may serve very well? What is your relationship with him outside of the court?

STEFANOS TSITSIPAS: There are a lot of factors. It also depends on how the player's feeling that day, their game throughout the tournament.

He's a player that challenges me when I'm out on the court. He is difficult to beat. He has a lot of experience on the tour, much earlier than when I started playing here.

For me, I have respect for him. I don't know if I've shown it or not, but I do have respect for what he has achieved in the sport so far.

Every time I go out there to play him, I really want to bring out the best out of my game and really show what I'm capable of in terms of my tennis, handling the difficult situations because he can really, if he's on a good day, not give you a lot of errors.

That's it.

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