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May 13, 2022

Klay Thompson

San Francisco, California, USA

Golden State Warriors

Game 6: Postgame

Golden State Warriors 110, Memphis Grizzlies 96

Q. Game 6s, is it easy for you?

KLAY THOMPSON: It's just something that comes naturally. I don't you know, go to sleep last night thinking of scoring 30 or shooting the ball well. I just was thinking about how far I've come and how grateful I am to have another close-out game at Chase and luckily it was one of my nights, and you know, carry this momentum into the WCF.

Q. Did that feel like it used to feel?

KLAY THOMPSON: It felt better. Honestly especially the perspective I've gained from the injuries I've had to now be able to compete at highest level and be one of the final four teams, it's a feeling that's hard to describe honestly. It's truly amazing and it just inspires me to keep going because I think we still have great basketball ahead of me.

Q. You have a long list of unsung teammates over your career. Where does Looney rank on that list for you, considering obviously what he did tonight?

KLAY THOMPSON: I mean, 22 boards and 35 minutes, probably a season high. We needed every single one of those. Kevon was possibly our MVP tonight and, wow, just I'm so proud of him. He also had injury problems early in his career. Couple surgeries and for him to be out here doing this at the highest level, he's going to be rewarded for it.

Q. I know each game is unique in and of itself and they are several years apart, but are certain things about Game 6s that bring out the best in you?

KLAY THOMPSON: Really, I have no idea. I have no clue. I love the moments. I love the pressure. I love playing basketball at the highest level. Our careers, we are not sinkers, we are not actors. We can't do this till our elder years. So while we are doing it, you just have to appreciate every single night because it goes really fast and even tonight, sometimes went fast for us and I just don't have an answer for you for that. It's just something you can't quantify.

Q. When you hit your last three of the might in the fourth quarter, you got pumped up. Can you take us through what that moment was like for you?

KLAY THOMPSON: Well, 30 sounds way better than 27. On top of that, had a lot of pent-up energy these last couple years and to be in this situation and to seal the game there, it all came out. I just know how hard it is to get to this part of the season and it all just came out for me. And to see the Warrior fans, it's a moment I tried to revel in for the few seconds I had.

Q. Wiggins also went through a revitalized season this year. What was it like seeing him be able to do what he did tonight in this close-out game?

KLAY THOMPSON: Andrew was special. Hit shots wasn't going early, but he made some huge threes for us, huge buckets, double-double, great defense. He has been such a great player for us. He makes an impact on both sides of the ball every night. We would not be where we are at without Andrew. I'm just grateful that he had that mindset to keep shooting because he's such a great scorer and he just opens up everything for us when he does that.

Q. When you say Andrew deliver in a game like this, does it tell you more about him; that's what you guys do, that you play in these huge games? What does it mean to you that he delivered?

KLAY THOMPSON: Just means everything that I thought about it him. I believed in him from the jump. When he was with Minnesota, it was tough because to shoulder the load so much. Now with us, he can kind of be himself and play to his strengths and he was huge for us tonight.

I mean, his defense and his play at the rim, I'm just really proud of Andrew, and he's such a great teammate and he's a great pro and he shows up every single night. Dub Nation should be very grateful we have a player like Wiggs.

Q. What does it mean to you to be back in the Western Conference Finals?

KLAY THOMPSON: It's special. I mean, everything we've been through the last few years, it's really an incredible opportunity. We want to advance obviously but we are going to embrace the challenge, whoever comes out of the other side of the bracket.

But it's something that I will toast tonight to be back in the Western Conference Finals and quickly forget about it and scout Game 7. We have a big match ahead of us because as we know as each round advances it gets a little harder.

Q. Speaking about the other side of the bracket, will you be --

KLAY THOMPSON: I love watching playoffs games all year. I love the playoffs. It's when guys bring out their best ball and there are some studs on both teams, so it's going to be -- I'm going to do my due diligence watching and I'm going to try and scout two great teams.

Q. Draymond said that they discussed getting Loon back in the starting lineup to have that physicality, and 70 rebound, 22 by Looney. What do you think of that and the decision that Steph and Draymond were part of in getting Looney in the starting lineup?

KLAY THOMPSON: Kevon should go by Kevon Olajuwon (laughter( because he was really just a freak out there. Guy has like elastic arms. He can just stretch.

Draymond, Steph, Andre, those guys see the game, they see chess when everyone else is playing checkers, and Draymond is like an extension of our coaching staff, and so is Steph, so it didn't surprise me that they made that call and Loon delivered.

Q. Did you just make that up?

KLAY THOMPSON: I saw it on Instagram, I can't take credit. I thought it was hilarious.

Q. What do you think about what Mike has done during this week and what he's meant to the franchise?

KLAY THOMPSON: Mike B. Is one of a kind. He's a player's coach. He's a grade leader. He loves the game. He's grinded for everything he's got in the league starting as a video coordinator in the early '90s. I love talking to him about what the NBA was like back then. We are going to miss him next year obviously.

But we will welcome back Steve with open arms. He's our leader. He's our, you know -- we've missed him, and I'm happy we can advance without him because it's not easy when you don't have your coach's voice.

Q. Did it feel like a Game 7?

KLAY THOMPSON: It's a long flight to Memphis. It really is, and we spent a lot of time at the Hyatt.

As much as I enjoy playing on the road, it's a well-earned day off tomorrow and at our age we take all the rest we can get. Although it wasn't a Game 7 it definitely had that feeling like let's just win this one. We deserve to have a few days.

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