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May 12, 2022

Megan Khang

Clifton, New Jersey, USA

Upper Montclair Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Here with Megan Khang. Megan, when I saw you at the end of PV I know there was a little bit of frustration. What does it mean to you to be able to continue that momentum through the off week with a round like you did today?

MEGAN KHANG: Oh, definitely. Like I said at PV, you got to take away the good from it all. You know, it's kind of what we did. Went back home, worked with my dad on a few things, and at the end of the day, you know, every week is a new opportunity, so we're just kind of taking a different kind of mindset and just giving ourselves chances.

Q. Heading into this week what were some of the things you worked on with your dad?

MEGAN KHANG: Definitely again on the ball striking, especially with putting as well. I mean, I got reminded a lot how the little short putt I missed on 16 was very costly.

But at the same time, it's just kind of -- you know, we're always tweaking everything, always can do better. Every golfer knows it's a perfectionist sport but a sport you can't be perfect at.

You got to try your best to get the least amount of mistakes.

Q. Heading into this week, I mean, you're from the Northeast. You've seen courses like this before. How do you prepare maybe any differently or the same week to week?

MEGAN KHANG: No, not really. I mean, I had no idea what this golf course looked like before coming here Monday. You know, growing up in the Northeast a lot our courses are very tree lined and tight fairways, small greens, very old school.

I actually played quite a bit at home, at my home club, and even there it's kind of tree lined golf, small greens. I guess that definitely helped me get into the mindset of going back to narrow fairways.

I mean, some friends out here were like, oh, yeah these fairways are tight compared to PV. I was like, not that bad. So I hope I didn't jinx myself, but, you know, it's -- yeah, I think it's very not fair, but I think if you get out of that mindset it can be very helpful.

Q. It's a challenge.

MEGAN KHANG: Definitely a challenge.

Q. It's very strategic for a strategic player; you got to look a little bit more into it from what we've heard. You were able to card four birdies on your front and back nines. You talk a little bit about how you been working on that putting. What did you see out there today on these greens?

MEGAN KHANG: So, I mean, these greens are a little hard to read for me. I think they're a mix of po and bent, and I grew up on bentgrass back at home, but I kind of just went out there and went with what I saw; didn't really second guess it. Just trusted myself, and when I had any kind of doubt I would just ask Jack to come in and give me a second opinion.

When we agreed on things, we just trusted it and then whatever happened, happened.

Q. What was the key to staying patient out there?

MEGAN KHANG: I mean, it's a tough golf course out there. You know, like Nasa definitely posted a 7-under in the morning, so you definitely knew the scores were out there.

But at the same time, like you can't press for them. I mean, these greens are rolling so smoothly that you're trying just not to put yourself in a position where you have to be a little defensive.

Like I know Jack and I tried to stay below the hole a lot, and tried to get that uphill putt and play to like the fat side of the green.

Q. What was your home club again?

MEGAN KHANG: Boston Golf Club.

Q. What does it mean to be able to drive to an event again out here in the Northeast?

MEGAN KHANG: I love driving to an event. I love driving my car. Boston Golf Club, you know, very special place to me. It's just the closest I am to home so it's like a home event for me.

Q. Were you aware of Nasa's number going into your round? Were you checking leaderboards to see if you were catching up to it today?

MEGAN KHANG: I was aware she was playing really well. I think by the time I went out to warm up I think she was like 5-under.

So, I mean, I definitely saw like a lot of girls putting out numbers out there, so, you know, it's definitely out there. Just really got to try to stay patient because it's easy to get ahead of yourself out there.

Q. If you're ever waiting to hit a shot onto a green, how do you keep yourself focused to where you're going to want to try to put it?

MEGAN KHANG: So funny enough, I don't actually think too much ahead of hitting a shot. If I know that we're waiting -- let's say like even on hole 12, the reachable par-5, I know that like, okay, I'll get my number down and get the number, talk about it real quick, and then if I see we're still waiting, try not to think about it until I see the flag pin go in, and then I go right back into the zone of trying to talk it through again and double checking our numbers.

So I try to take my mind off things just so I don't overthink it. It's definitely something you can do out here.

Q. Hitting 16 of 18 greens today, accuracy is key on this golf course. As you look ahead into tomorrow, what are some of the positives you hope to take away?

MEGAN KHANG: Definitely stroking it really well, reading the greens well. 16 of 18 greens is always great. And I think the two greens I missed I was in the bunker.

So it's a good feeling knowing that the short game is there as well. Just going to try to keep making sure we give ourselves opportunities for birdies, and then the easiest par we can get.

Just kind of do our own thing and try to stay in the moment, not get ahead of ourselves. Try to put this round kind of behind us and move on and just take care of what is at hand.

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