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May 12, 2022

Justin Lower

McKinney, Texas, USA

TPC Craig Ranch

Quick Quotes

Q. Justin, thanks for taking a minute. Great round today, 8-under 64. Just a few general comments about the round, what went right.

JUSTIN LOWER: Yeah, really solid overall. Had a hole-out, which is always nice. Didn't get to see it go in. Just vertically challenged, so couldn't really see it. No, it was just a good day overall.

I've been trending in the right direction. I've started to figure out how to play well out here, and it's a mixture of good driving and good putting.

I've always been a pretty good ball-striker, so just stick to go that and what I know and trying to fix the other two for sure.

Q. Can you tell me about the 10th hole? Just give me some clubs and yards.

JUSTIN LOWER: Yeah, striped the tee ball and then I think I hit just a stock wedge, just a driving range wedge, and just I was aiming probably three or four right of it. Drew in there perfectly, one hop, and I think it came back and went in.

So, yeah.

Q. I know this sounds like a stupid question because you shot 64 today, but just your thoughts on the course combined with the wind. Does it suit your eye pretty well?

JUSTIN LOWER: In spots. There are some awkward holes I would say, especially with the wind. But, no, it's a fun golf course for sure.

A lot of risk-reward with the par-5s and the shorter 4s, so it's fun for sure.

Q. And then last thing: How are you feeling in general about your game coming into the week? Obviously must have a good bit of confidence to where you can go out and do what you did today. Feeling pretty good about the game?

JUSTIN LOWER: Yeah, for sure. Just a little more motivated, but, yeah.

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