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May 12, 2022

Sebastian Munoz

McKinney, Texas, USA

TPC Craig Ranch

Quick Quotes

Q. I know you had a 60 earlier this year, so when you're standing in the fairway on 18, what were you thinking?

SEBASTIAN MUNOZ: 59. Yeah. I mean, I wanted to give me a chances. I had I think it was 250 to the pin into the wind. I kind of wanted to hit like a bullet, like a little draw. I knew if I want to hit it close had to be a fady, soft-landed shot; I tried to do that. Overdid it and ended up with a 60, which is really good around here.

Q. About Christmastime things seemed to change for you, you missed a bunch of cuts to start the year and all of a sudden last seven or eight tournaments, what's changed with you?

SEBASTIAN MUNOZ: You know, I started working this year with my caddie, Jose. I feel like ever since he got on the bag we've had good vibes. We understand each other. We kind of speak a language that we can both see our shots and our distances.

So I felt like that has really helped. Besides that, just a little more consistent. Trying to avoid the big mood swings. I feel like that's huge. And we'll see how it goes.

Q. That was my next question, when did Jose get on your bag?

SEBASTIAN MUNOZ: Oh, the first week he caddied for me was Shriners week, first week in Vegas, yeah.

Q. I heard you talking about a new putter that you're on the second week of. Talk us through that, what it is and what it has changed for you.

SEBASTIAN MUNOZ: I'm putting with the PLD Anser, no lines on it, just black. I felt like it really helps me kind of free up my imagination. Sometimes the line doesn't look good either left to right or right to left, so not having the line give me a little more freedom and more of a putt instead of trying to make a perfect stroke.

I feel like that has really helped me out this week.

Q. Last one. I know you went to North Texas. Did you play here a lot, and if so, how many times?

SEBASTIAN MUNOZ: Not really. Haven't played here since last year on Sunday. But coming out here I must have played I don't know, two, three times in college maybe.

Q. When you're going this low, maybe in the middle of the back nine, just wondering how does your mind work and how is it different from an ordinary round?

SEBASTIAN MUNOZ: It's a great feeling whenever everything is clicking, hitting the tee shots, ball is coming out in the window that you imagined, the putts, that you're reading good the putts. The speed. When everything is going it's just stay out of the way and just kind of let it happen.

So that's what I did. I mean, I had a tough putt on 12 for eagle and like I was thinking like, it's okay if I don't make this one. Then it was like, I know I can make it; just kind of stay in it; trust what you're doing; let's keep it going. I made it.

And then on 13 looked like it was just a little long. Yeah, coming in it was a great stretch and really happy.

Q. Do you think less or more?

SEBASTIAN MUNOZ: No, way less. Way less, yeah.

Q. What's the hardest shot you had today?

SEBASTIAN MUNOZ: What was the hardest shot I had today? I guess the up and downs. You know, the up and down on 18 was a good one. I'm thinking about another one.

The one on -- I feel like I did a really good job keeping my momentum even on 8 after I took unplayable. Just kind of make sure I make that 4-, 5-footer coming up for bogey just to not kind of make a double and start thinking about it.

So I just did really good of making those five-footers that sometimes they take your confidence away, so I didn't let that happen today.

Q. Was going to ask obviously you did have the bogey at 8 and I guess you just hit it left. Talk about the recovery. 6-under under in the next four holes where you had the two eagles and the two...

SEBASTIAN MUNOZ: Yeah, hit a great drive on 9, and then I had a comfortable shot. Wind was coming out of the right and I had a similar shot on 2 with a 7-iron and came right, as what we talked, finishing right of the pin.

Then I made the putts and kind of gave me the momentum to kind of push on 10 and take a more aggressive line on the left. I was feeling good. I felt like I pounded that drive, so gave myself like a four-footer.

On 9, again, I hit my nine-iron and I was like, go in, because it was looking perfect. I don't know, just kind of got out of the way. Let my imagination go free and crazy with it.

Q. How much are you going to look back at 8 when the day is over with? Do you look back and go, what if, or do you just let it go?

SEBASTIAN MUNOZ: Yeah, just let it go. It's not an easy three-hole shot. I already had two eagles today; I need a third one.

So it was -- I mean, can't go that crazy. It could. Who knows. It was good and fun today.

Q. One more silly one. I heard you say you were going to play some video games.


Q. What do you play and are you good?

SEBASTIAN MUNOZ: Not too good. I'm almost a 30 year old guy trying to play video games. The kids today are really good. I play Apex Legends lately. I used to play Call of Duty. Now it's more Apex Legends, just playing with some friends, just being a bot kind of.

Q. You had the 60 at RSM. How does this feeling after shooting this 60 differ from the one you shot there?

SEBASTIAN MUNOZ: I think this was a little more impressive. I mean, it was par 72. I never shot 12-under; I've shot 10.

But this one was definitely impressive. That one I thought Corey, I was playing and Corey Conners that day and I thought he was going to shoot 59. He was kind of like 7 through 9 or 7 through 10 and I thought he was going to see it, and that kind of inspired me my push.

Today, I don't know. I just kind of kept it going and I just wanted to get more looks, more looks and more chances, and I just kind of went crazy with it.

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