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May 12, 2022

Amy Yang

Clifton, New Jersey, USA

Upper Montclair Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Amy, what is it like this first day at the Cognizant Founders Cup, and how did you feel walking off the course today?

AMY YANG: I really enjoyed the golf course out there today, and I was hitting balls really solid and gave myself many good chances. My putting was also rolling really nice, and the greens were rolling really nice out there this morning, so I think that really helped.

Last couple birdies that I had made I got a little lucky. I had a long chip-in and a long putting in, but still I think I had a great round today.

Q. Starting at the beginning, the two birdies you had in your first three holes, how much did that help jump-start your round today?

AMY YANG: The game is feeling good right now, and to start with a couple of birdies for the round really helps to give you more confidence throughout the round, so it was really helpful, yeah.

Q. Absolutely. Because then we got to No. 2 and saw an eagle there. Take me through the eagle.

AMY YANG: I had a really nice tee shot, and it was around, like, 200-ish to the pin. I was in a divot, but it wasn't a huge bad lie. I had a really good second rescue shot in there into three feet, and that was it.

Q. Nothing like a three-feet putt. You talked a little bit about some of the your closing birdies and how you felt good on your putting. Take me through some of the those chip-ins and putts. What were some of the lengths?

AMY YANG: So for me it was No. 7. I hit my driver into bunker left, and I hit it just to the right side of the green. Just missed it. It was around 15 to 20 yards. Around there. I chipped it in.

And the next hole I had about, I'll say, 40 feet away, and it was off-speed. Everybody in our group talked about we need a new flag. (Laughing).

Q. Amy, earlier in the week we all looked at this golf course and thought, wow, this is really good, and nobody expected these kinds of low numbers after the first round. What is it about today that yielded so many low scores?

AMY YANG: It is playing really tight with the tree lines here. I was hitting the ball really solid, and I was being on the right part of the -- the correct side of wherever the miss is, and the greens were -- I mean, it just goes where you aim, so it really helps.

Q. So good greens that are holding; you guys are going to shoot low numbers. Is that a pretty accurate statement?

AMY YANG: That's helping. Helpful, yeah. There are so many great players in the field. I'm sure their skills and level of -- yeah it's, good.

Q. One more from me. As you take on tomorrow what are some positives you'll take away from your first day here?

AMY YANG: Just same thing. Do the same thing I do. The game is feeling really good. I'm just going to continue it for the next three rounds.

Thank you.

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