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May 12, 2022

Jin Young Ko

Clifton, New Jersey, USA

Upper Montclair Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Jin Young, welcome back to the Cognizant Founders Cup. How are you feeling after day one?

JIN YOUNG KO: I'm happy to be here. I'm always happy to play Founders Tournament. And I had two times win already, but well, I played well today, but I had a couple of missed shots for putting or shots, but this course is really difficult, so it happens. It's fine. I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

Q. You started off with birdies on 2 and 4. What was going so right there at the beginning of this day?

JIN YOUNG KO: What was that?

Q. You had birdie on 2 and 4. What was going so right for you at the beginning of the day?

JIN YOUNG KO: I played with Nasa. She played really well, so I really want to follow her, but I couldn't. It doesn't work a little bit.

Well, yeah, I'm trying to do my best. On the back nine, especially. It's a little close, but I have three more days, so it's fine.

Q. You've won the Cognizant Founders Cup for the past two years, and it's switched venues both times. Is that a different challenge when you are the past winner coming into a new venue?

JIN YOUNG KO: No, I don't think so. Just, well, I had great game in last year and in 2019 as well, but every player tries to do all the best. Me too.

If you get a lot of birdies, you win, but not maybe, but I will try my best.

Q. What are you most looking forward to tomorrow?

JIN YOUNG KO: Well, I don't want to bogey tomorrow. I want to play a bogey-free round next three days. This course is really tough, so hit the fairway and hit the greens, make a par, birdie or par.

Q. You talked a little bit about that in your pre-tournament press conference about hitting it very straight off the tee was very necessary this week. How do you think you faired during your round today in that regard?

JIN YOUNG KO: Well, I missed fairway a lot of times today, so I made a bogey, but if trying to keep the fairway, I would be more chance for the birdie for tomorrow, of course, and looking for it.

Q. I know, I think you said earlier that the back nine was more challenging for you.

JIN YOUNG KO: Well, last three days was a bit windy, but today wasn't much, so it feels fine but still difficult.

Q. What will you focus on as you head into tomorrow?

JIN YOUNG KO: Well, keeping my mindset just calm and just enjoying, my mind. And I have a lot of fans out there, so I'm happy to play in front of them. Yeah, I will just enjoy.

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