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May 11, 2022

Bianca Andreescu

Roma, Italia

Press Conference


6-3, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: Strong win today. Your first full match in Rome. Tell us how you feel.

BIANCA ANDREESCU: I feel really, really good. It wasn't an easy match at all. She's a street fighter. She did not let up at all. I had to really hang in there.

I felt that I played well. I executed some great tactics, but at the same time she also did the same. It was kind of like who can raise their level more, like, at the important moments.

I mean, it was honestly back and forth and it could have gone either way. I'm super happy I was able to do it in two sets.

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. In the second set, what was the key to clawing your way back and getting that done in two? What did you make of her game as well?

BIANCA ANDREESCU: She plays really well. She changes up the rhythm. She hits very hard and deep. She stands really far back.

Using the dropshot is very effective, but only if she's giving you, like, a shorter ball. But she tends to hit really deep so I didn't have a lot of opportunities.

But I felt that at the beginning of the second set, I don't know exactly what happened, I felt like maybe I wanted to go for too much when I shouldn't have at the beginning. But she also raised her level, as well.

Yeah, in the second set it was just who wins the most important points kind of thing. I was really focusing on my serve, to get those in as much as I can because I know it's up and down.

Yeah, it was just a dogfight.

Q. How good did it feel to at least get that test of being behind in the scoreline, having to scrap back, to problem solve in real-time?

BIANCA ANDREESCU: Yeah, it was great. I think this is a great match for me to build and learn from. Yeah, I'm very pumped. It was pretty emotional.

Q. Many players praise you for your tennis IQ, you like to play chess on court. Do you like to play real chess as well? Is there a type of opponent you find difficult to play?

BIANCA ANDREESCU: I do play chess. My dad taught me from a young age, but I kind of stopped playing, so don't test me now. Just let me practice first, then maybe we can play (smiling).

To answer your second question... My match against Pegula was pretty tricky. I felt that I was executing the right tactics, but she kind of read them. It was hard for me to kind of switch back to something else because she was just straight on the whole match.

I mean, I've been watching Iga play, so I'm sure that's going to be pretty tough because she also likes to change the rhythm, she's a very strong fighter. If I can play her sometime soon, that would be great.

Q. Back to your junior career. What percentage of your time did you spend playing and practicing on clay? What has been the connection to it? Love affair from the start or not?

BIANCA ANDREESCU: Actually really enjoyed playing on clay for the beginning of my, like, ITF circuit career. But I didn't grow up on clay. I did play on clay a lot when I was in Romania, but that is when I was like seven or eight years old. I came back to Canada. It was just hard court. There weren't a lot of clay court tournaments back then in Canada. I was playing a lot there.

I did not grow up on it, but I did play a lot of ITF tournaments on clay, which I did pretty well in. Actually was in -- there's a part in Italy, I forgot where it is exactly, but I was there in 2018. I did really well. I think I won two tournaments on the clay. That really helped me build my confidence.

Obviously transitioning from ITF to WTA is totally a different thing. I don't feel like I've gotten a lot of matches up until, like, right now on clay. But I'm really enjoying it. Hopefully I can keep building on it.

Q. We know last two years weren't very easy for you. How did you feel today when you signed all these autographs playing on a side court?

BIANCA ANDREESCU: Yeah, it was a little bit distracting for sure at the beginning. It took me a bit to get used to.

After the match it's always great to interact with my supporters. Having that interaction just makes them super happy. It makes me super happy to see them happy. I like to take my time and get as many autographs as I can or pictures and whatnot.

I wish I could get everyone, but I know that's impossible because they always kick me off because the other match needs to get back on court.

No, I really enjoy it.

Q. I know movement is the most obvious adjustment players make on clay. What part of your game exactly do you adjust --

(Iga Swiatek passing through the interview room.)

BIANCA ANDREESCU: Get outta here. You had your moment, c'mon (laughter).

Q. What parts of your game do you have to adjust the most to be successful on clay?

BIANCA ANDREESCU: I think movement is very, very important on clay because the points are longer, so you have to be ready for everything. There are a lot of good clay court players on tour. I mean, I'm playing a really good clay-courter -- I did today and I will tomorrow as well. So movement is super important.

Really setting up the ball right from the start for me is very, very crucial. Even on hard court. I mean, that's kind of my game style. But I feel like on clay it's, like, even more important because I don't necessarily like running. I will if I have to.

Then, you know, good serving, good returning is always very important.

Q. Now that you're back on tour several weeks, have players come up to you and welcomed you back, asked you about your time off? Are they curious to know how you got through your period?

BIANCA ANDREESCU: Yeah, there are a couple of players that have come up to me. It was really nice that I was able to, like, share what I went through. They're very curious, which made me happy.

They said, some of them said, Oh, wow, I learned a lot from what you just said kind of thing. That makes me happy to have that interaction, to relate to other players as well.

Q. In an earlier answer you said you remind yourself of 2018 when you won the tournaments on clay. Players say confidence is something that's very tough to get, but very easy to lose. Can you go back and get confidence from something that happened four years ago?

BIANCA ANDREESCU: For me, it really helps. I like to, like, go back and watch my matches from the US Open, or even from 2018, because I was playing really good tennis back then. For me to, like, get back into the mindset of how I was playing does help me in the present moment.

I don't want to get too caught up in that because I felt that last year I was focusing too much on the past and I wasn't, like, in the moment.

It's good and bad. At times it does help me, and at times it doesn't. It's like a balance that you need to get from that. But, I mean, watching my US Open final is always great (laughter). I can't complain.

Q. Very important question. What is your biggest learning or tip in Call of Duty?

BIANCA ANDREESCU: Oh my goodness, I wasn't expecting this. I haven't played in so long.

So I'm actually not a shooter. I like to hide as much as I can. I like to creep up on other people. My boyfriend is a total opposite. I'm kind of always behind him because I'm always playing with him. He's always carrying the team.

But let me think. I think it's super important where you land. I've played quite a bit, so I kind of know the spots. I know the map changes here and there but you kind of have to get used to it. I think where you land is very important, that's one tip.

Q. High or low?

BIANCA ANDREESCU: I mean, in which building. The buildings are very important.

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