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March 8, 2004

Albert Costa


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Did you feel that you were always surrounded by breakpoints? You served a 15-minute game, there were a couple of 9-minute games that kept going on and on. Was that frustrating for you?

ALBERT COSTA: No, it was not frustrating. It was tough to play out there. If you don't -- and he was returning good. He's a good player. So it was tough for me. I was trying to keep my serve all the time, but he was playing also very good, so that's... I had some breakpoints also, so...

Q. He said he doesn't like to play on clay, but what makes him so tough?


Q. Nalbandian.

ALBERT COSTA: He says that he doesn't like to play on clay?

Q. No, he says he prefers grass and hard courts and indoors.

ALBERT COSTA: That's good (laughter). That's good for him, very good for him. I think he's very good player everywhere, so...

Q. What's the toughest part of his game?

ALBERT COSTA: Well, he's so constant. He's returning very good. Backhand, one of the best of the world, for sure. It's tough to make him winners. His mobility, he's very fast on the court.

Q. You said I think yesterday that you had regained your motivation. Is this a good tournament for you, you think?

ALBERT COSTA: Well, for me, for me it's a good tournament. I was not winning matches, and now I played semis in a Masters Series so I'm happy. I'm happy, and I'm going to try to keep going and playing Hamburg 100 percent. I feel fit, I feel okay, so now I just need to try to win more matches to be in Roland Garros with more confidence as possible.

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