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October 20, 2004

Albert Costa


THE MODERATOR: Questions in Spanish for Albert.

Q. I would like to know your thoughts of the match you have just played.

ALBERT COSTA: Well, actually I think Henman was superior. He's more fit. I had some chances during the first set. Although the match seems to have been easy according to the results, it wasn't this way. It was tough. I think I'm lacking rhythm to win against these players.

Q. Last week you told us you were lacking confidence. How can you find this confidence?

ALBERT COSTA: Confidence depends on training. That's the first thing. When you're fit, you need to feel you are giving your best during the match, and that's how you get to win matches. If you don't win, you lose confidence. If you win, that's how you gain confidence. Winning more important tournaments, winning more tournament matches, that's important. If you're good, you win, if you're not, you don't win. It's that simple.

Q. You're not good?

ALBERT COSTA: I'm not up, I'm not down, I'm in the middle.

Q. In this tournament we have some innovations being reflected. How does this thing influence, the thing with the models?

ALBERT COSTA: I haven't been influenced at all. In my opinion, they're doing well. I think we're talking too much about it, too much gossip. The goal of this new idea is to offer a show, but I don't think it's sexist. They are the ones to answer this question, how they feel. That's up to them.

Q. You were Henman's first opponent here. How do you see his possibilities of winning the tournament?

ALBERT COSTA: Well, that's a lot to say. But he's playing well. He's confident. He's No. 6 in the world ranking. That should be due to something. He's a favorite, that's for sure. But there's still a lot of matches yet to play.

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