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August 31, 2005

Albert Costa


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Albert.

Q. Must have been very difficult to play out there with that wind?

ALBERT COSTA: Today was really, really difficult. I just confined my rhythm and he was much more confident with the wind, for sure.

Q. You have played him a few times. How do you think he's playing now compared to the last time you played him?

ALBERT COSTA: Well, maybe the situation has changed because I am in a worse level now. But I think he's playing quite good. He's always a good fighter, so for sure he's one of the three favorites to win the tournament.

Q. Do you think that he's a little bit stronger than he used to be? Does he hit a little bit more power than --

ALBERT COSTA: More power for sure. He's serving much bigger. Serving more aces. He's more and more consistent with the serve.

Q. Were you impressed with him today?

ALBERT COSTA: Well, today, it's not that good reference, but I saw him many times and I think he's playing much better now.

Q. As for yourself, do you think we will see you back here at the US Open?

ALBERT COSTA: Good question. I am not sure. I want to finish this season and then decide. I had a surgery like after the French Open and I still am not 100%, physically I have to improve a lot. I am going to try. I still have two tournaments on clay, and then I am going to play indoors. So we will see what happens. For sure, I am going to end this season and then decide if I continue or not.

Q. Will you still play clay or finish altogether?

ALBERT COSTA: No, no, if I finish, I finish altogether. I can't play only on clay.

Q. How much of that decision is related to family? You have twins; is that right?


Q. How old are they?

ALBERT COSTA: Four years old.

Q. It is hard?

ALBERT COSTA: It's tougher, so for sure it's tougher, and you just have to think completely different. Now to travel is tougher. Everything is tougher, so being away from home is tough for sure, every time. So it is one, maybe, or another reason to stop thinking.

Q. How often do they travel with you?

ALBERT COSTA: My wife is working, so they don't really travel with me a lot. But I don't know, eight ten weeks. I am travelling less, so I am playing less tournaments also.

Q. What is the best and worst part of travelling with your kid?

ALBERT COSTA: The best? Well now, is easy, much easier. When they are like babies, really babies, it's tough because it tough to sleep. Now, it is no problem.

Q. So you prefer to travel with them when you can?

ALBERT COSTA: Of course.

Q. Do you see more players with children on Tour do you think, now than when you started playing?

ALBERT COSTA: Maybe, yeah. A few of them. It's nice.

Q. When a Grand Slam, for a lot of players, if you can still -- does it come down to the financial aspect of being able to still make money or do you get to the point where the money is not important anymore, you just say I don't want to play anymore?

ALBERT COSTA: No, I think -- well, the money is always important because you want to live good, but I think I did enough money to live good enough. I don't know. I am not thinking about money. I never thought about money all my career, so it just -- it's just another aspect of the tennis. If you play good and if you win tournaments, you get money. I am very fortunate that since the beginning I was playing good, and now I don't have to think about it.

Q. If you decide to retire, it's just because --

ALBERT COSTA: Yeah, because I want -- when I am on the court, I like to play good and to especially enjoy, enjoy playing. Now I am not enjoying. Now I am just playing and I am trying to get my confidence back and my tennis back. But the time it's tough. So it more difficult to be 100%, and I have to do a lot of effort. I think I did many, many times. So right now, it tough, but I still maybe I can play one more year. So I have to think.

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